Half-Life: Natural Selection PC Cheats

Rating 4

Weapon names

Use one of the following weapon names with the /give weapon_ code:

.357 Magnum - 357
9mm Assault Rifle - 9mmar
9mm Handgun - 9mmhandgun
Crossbow - crossbow
Crowbar - crowbar
Desert Eagle - eagle
Displacer - displacer
Egon Gun - egon
Gauss Gun - gauss
Grapple - grapple
Hand Granate - handgrenade
Hornet Gun - hornetgun
Knife - knife
Laser Tripmine - tripmine
M249 SAW - m249
M40A Sniper Rifle - sniperrifle
Penguin Bomb - penguin
Pipewrench - pipewrench
Rocket Thrower - rpg
Satchel Charge - satchel
Shock Rifle - shockrifle
Shotgun - shotgun
Snark - snark
Spore Launcher - sporelaunche

Rating 3

Original levels

You can play all the Half-Life levels that Gordon Freeman went through as Adrion Shepard, but in the lab none of the scientists will speak to you.

Rating 3

See Shepard

Finish the game and wait until the credits are over. After the screen turns black, enable the brightness 9999999999999 code to see Shepard.

Rating 3

Hidden audio

Go near the Boss of Opposing Force to hear backwards audio composed of the phrase "To win the game you must kill me, Randy Pitchford" when played correctly. Randy Pitchford is the leader of the development team at Gearbox Software.

Rating 3

Redo the sniper course

During boot camp, shoot the trainer and you will begin again at the start of the course.

Rating 2

Give any gun the magnification of a sniper rifle

Save with the gun you want to be magnified, then switch to the sniper rifle and turn on the scope. While the scope is on, load the previous save.

Rating 2

Fun with spawning

Enable cheat mode, then use the entities code to get a list of the creatures in the location you are currently in. Normally, when you try spawning a creature, you have to use the noclip code to levitate in the air and spawn the creature nowhere near any objects. If a part of a spawned creature is spawned within a wall, ceiling, or another creature, the game crashes. However, if you enable the developer 0 code, the game keeps going even if a spawned creature is stuck, but the creature has yellow dots around it. Also, bind the spawn commands to unused keyboard keys; for example bind X "impulse 76" or bind y "give monster_scientist". The impluse 76 code works everywhere, and the hostile grunts created with it are easy to place where you want them; as they appear in front of you, rather than above. Now, enable the noclip code and fly around pressing the bound keys. Watch as Barney's Aliens and Grunts battle it out while Scientists run around being slaughtered.

Rating 2

Get a gun at the beginning of the level

Toward the start of the level where you reach the security guard, find a chair. It is easily moved. Move it to the door that he will open for you, and get him to open it. Slide the chair in between the doors, and it will not close. This may take a few tries. Go out, take the crowbar, charge it up until you reach the same security guard, and hit him until he explodes. Then, get his pistol with the laser sight and continue the game.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Load game with the hl.exe -dev -console -game gearbox command line. Press ~ during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All weapons and ammunition - impulse 101
God mode - /god
No clipping and flight modes - /noclip
Level select - /map
Spawn indicated item - /give
Spawn indicated weapon - /give weapon_
Spawn indicated ammo - /give ammo_
Auto-reload enabled - +reload
Auto-reload disabled - -reload
Adjust gravity - sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>

Rating 2

Killing Gordon Freeman

Go to the map named "of3a1". This is the map where you see Freeman running into the teleporter. Follow him into that same teleporter. Once the map is done loading, you will see yourself falling. Normally, if you let yourself fall the game will restart at map "of3a1". However, if you enable the /noclip and go to the nearest platform in front of you, Gordon Freeman will appear. Gordon simply stands there with no weapons, and wears silver sunglasses. It takes some time to kill him with just bullets; try grenades or a very powerful weapon. Alternately, you can go to this location enabling the map of3a1b code.

Rating 1

Hidden programmer message

Toward the end of the game ,while G-man is talking to you in the helicopter, enable the chase_active 1 code to go into third person view. Then, look up through the roof of the helicopter. Printed on the sky will be a secret programmer message which reads, "Hack hack hack, all day long. Hack hack hack, while a sing this song." (referring to the fact that you will be currently cheating at this moment).

Rating 1

Valve, Steam, and Gearbox references

Go to map of4a4, the the map with the Pit Worm. Notice that in order to flush the radioactive waste, which kills the worm, you must first complete a few tasks. These include opening the Steam vents, the Valves, and activating the Gearbox. These are the names of the major corporations that created the game.

Rating 1

Vortigaunts on the Hazard Course

Once you get the Displacer on Xen, use the secondary fire before you go through the portal to Earth. You will be warped to the Crouch-Jump section of the Hazard Course, where one Vortigaunt will attack the holographic instructor. On the other side of the room is a second Vortigaunt and a shotgun. The portal exit is located in a corner of the observation room.

Rating 1

Spawn Grunts

Enable cheat mode anduse the impulse 76 code to activate the Grunt-O-Matic. A message to start a new game in order for it to work will appear. If you want to continue where you currently are, just quicksave, then quickload the game. After you have quickloaded, type in the code again to spawn a Grunt. Note: You must have the /noclip code on before you spawn the grunt because he will be spawned close to you. If this is not done, a message stating that the monster spawned is stuck in a wall may appear and the game will end. Do not spawn the Grunt in a closed position or the same message will appear. The Grunt you spawn will see you as a hostile. To have more fun, use the /notarget code and spawn a number of grunts to do your alien hunting. The Grunts you spawn will look like the Grunts from the original Half-Life.

Rating 1

Set health or damage values of player weapons and enemies

Type sk_ at the console window and keep pressing TAB to cycle through the values. The sk_plr_ values are for the player's weapons, while other values are for enemies and health/shield chargers. The 1, 2, and 3 at the end of the syntax corresponds to the difficulty settings easy, normal, and hard. Set their values accordingly. Enter a number, a space after the syntax, then type restart to confirm the changes. For example, sk_plr_rpg1 99999 makes the rocket launcher in easy mode deal 99999 damage with a blast radius that wipes out everything in the level.

Rating 0

Hidden health

Before you finish the "package" and are near to going into "Worlds Collide", use the Trans Locator's secondary trigger (which will teleport you into Xen). You will end up in a small cave overlooking a large healing pool with two Bullsquids also wanting to enter it. To kill them quickly, shoot them with the Desert Eagle. To resume the game, run through the cave until you find a Teleporter Ball.

Rating 0

Valve reference

Enable the brightness 9999999999999 code and go to map of3a4. After the part where you save the scientist in the clean suit and he lets you through the first locked door, there will be a room with three fish tanks. The one in the middle will be cracked open. Climb up through it and into the dark crawlspace with all the Xen monsters in it. On the walls will be the Valve corporation printing.

Rating 0

Ammo Names

Use the following ammo names with the /give ammo_ code:

.357 Magnum - 357
9mm Assault Rifle - 9mm
9mm Handgun - 9mm
Crossbow - crossbow
Egon Gun - egonclip
Gauss Gun - gaussclip
M249 SAW - 556
M40A Sniper Rifle - 762
Rocket Thrower - rpgclip
Shotgun - buckshot
Spore Launcher - spore