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Half-Life Cheats "Items from the console" (PC)


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Items from the console

Go to the start menu, all programs, accessesories, and then click on command prompt. Select you Half-Life directory and type hl.exe -console then Half-Life should open. Start a new game then press the ` (tilde) key, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:
357 magnum ammo give ammo_357
Gives you Crossbow ammo ammo_crossbow
Gives you a 357 Magnum give weapon_python
Gives you a Crossbow give weapon_crossbow
Gives you a Crowbar give weapon_crowbar
Gives you a Glock pistol clip give ammo_glockclip
Gives you a Guass Rifle give weapon_gauss
Gives you a HEV Suit Battery (+15 armor) give item_battery
Gives you a Hornet Gun give weapon_hornetgun
Gives you a Laser Trip Mine give weapon_tripmine
Gives you a MP5 give weapon_mp5
Gives you a Pistol give weapon_9mmhandgun
Gives you a Rocket Launcher give weapon_rpg
Gives you a Satchel Charge give weapon_satchel
Gives you a Shotgun give weapon_shotgun
Gives you some Hand Grenades give weapon_handgrenade
Gives you some MP5 Grenades give ammo_mp5grenades
Gives you the Long Jump Module give item_longjump
Gives you the egon! give weapon_egon
Gves you a Rocket give ammo_rpgclip
HEV Suit give item_suit
Health give item_healthkit
Pistol clip give ammo_9mmclip 

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