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Half-Life Cheats "Spawn Barney in War with Nihilanth" (PC)


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Spawn Barney in War with Nihilanth

Usuallywhen you want to spawn Barney at the Nihilanth episode, you will get an error message. To solve this problem, go to Lamba Core teleport to Xen. Enable the /noclip code. After the scientist finishes his teleport to Xen, go through and dark. After that, type give monster_barney repeatedly until you arrive. You will go to a strange island and not have a Barney, but you must type it. After that, you can play and fight with Barney at the alien world. You also can do this at Nihilanth teleports. The v1.1.1.0 patch no longer allows this to happen.

2 years ago

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