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Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)


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Steam achievements

30 Second Moobs - Eat 10 types of food.
A Peach of a Player - Beat the first five levels of Classic Princess 30
A Poor Carpenter Blames the Tools - Beat the final boss of Hero 30 using the Wood Sword as a weapon.
A Real Hero and a Real Human Being - Beat every level under the target time.
Alignment: Lawful Good +30 - Beat Classic Knight 30
Amateur Evil Slayer - Beat the first 9 levels of Hero 30.
BFFN: Best Friends For Now - Play a multiplayer match with a friend
Charisma Hero - Allied with all available NPCs.
Diablito Supreme - Beat Classic Evil Lord 30
Do You See What Happens, Larrie? - Defeat Larrie and beat Level 4 in 27 seconds or less.
Equipment Collector - Got all available equipment in single player mode.
First Praying - Prayed to the Goddess for the first time in single player mode.
Forever Alone No Longer - Get a companion to join you.
Gone in 30 Seconds - Record a time on the leaderboards.
Hard Hero - Cleared Hero 300 in Hard Mode.
Hero 3 - Cleared Hero 3.
Hero 30 - Cleared Hero 30.
Hero 300 - Cleared Hero 300.
Kind Hero - Cleared "Cursed Hero" without defeating Sasha.
Legalize it Already - Beat Hero 30 without using herbs to heal.
Love the Smell of Evil in the Morning. - Beat the first five levels of Classic Evil Lord 30
McHero's Navy - Ride a ship.
Multi Ending Master - Reached every ending in Hero 30.
Ned Kelly's Revenge - Obtain Barrel Armor and Barrel Head
Not Just a Series of Tubes - Play online multiplayer.
Oy, to ne vecher - Defeat any five Evil Lords with one hit.
Second Place is the First Loser - Win a multiplayer match.
Squire? I Hardly Know Her! - Beat the first five levels of Classic Knight 30
Strong Female Role Model - Beat Classic Princess 30
Synchronized Slaying - Play a multiplayer match with 3 other friends.
That Took More Than 30 Seconds - Get all achievements in the game.
The Body is the Ultimate Weapon - Defeat any three Evil Lords wearing no equipment.
Title Master - Received every title.
Victory 30 - Became 30 times the True Hero in multiplayer mode.
Warrior of the Goddess - Offered a total of 3000G to the Goddess in a quest in single player mode.

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