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Hate Plus: ~Mutes Golden Days~ PC Cheats

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Steam Achievements

-48 HOURS REMAIN- Finish the first day of any route.
Cooking by the Book Take an actual honest-to-god IRL photograph of the cake you're sharing with *Hyun-ae, and e-mail it to the developer!
Deep Space Therapist Read every log file again with *Mute on day three.
Don't create a TIME PARADOX! Complete all three routes over the span of nine real days without skipping, LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO, GEEZE.
Have you tried doing a factory reset? Finish the game with the security AI in a default uniform, New *Mute!
I Heard You Like Visual Novels Finish the game with your completely impossible AI harem!
Level Four Revive Materia Finish the game with the security AI in traditional dress, *Mute!
Red and Gold Start *Mute's route and finish, as both a man and a woman.
Relationship status: it's complicated Finish the game with your cute AI wife and/or completely platonic friend *Hyun-ae!
SEE YOU SPACE INVESTIGATOR... Finish your mission by arriving on Earth.
The Death of Old *Mute LOL SPOILERS *MUTE DIES 

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Skip the 12 hour wait period

While on the main menu, hit "Continue" and then hover your mouse over the file with the wait period. Press S, read the text that follows, and confirm.

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