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Haunted: Hell's Reach, The Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)


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Steam achievements

2 for the Price of 1 - Kill two minions with a Charge Thrustkick.
Balls to the Wall - Beat an Inferno level without taking damage.
Black Belt - Use every move and execution within one round.
C-C-C-Combo - Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 25.
C-C-C-Combo Breaker - Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 50.
Doom Over Dead Men - Kill every minion and its variants once.
Falcon Punch - Perform a charge melee kill.
Good Times With Weapons - Beat an Inferno level by using guns only.
Hell Destroyer - Kill 53598 Minions.
I have the Power - Perform a RAGE Outburst that kills at least 3 minions.
It's a trap - Get killed while being stunned.
Mikami's Head - Get your head cut off by a headsman.
Push Button, Receive Bacon - Perform an execution.
Stunning Performance - Kill a minion with a stun breaker.
The Devil You Know - Beat all inferno levels.
True Grit - Beat an inferno level in solo mode without using a Healthstone.
Way of the Dragon - Beat an Inferno level by using melee only.
You're not Alexander - Get killed by a Wendigo.

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