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Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 Cheats "Level Names" (PC)


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Level Names

Use the following entries with the map code:

Julie's House - fakkhouse
Julie's Training Area - training
Eden Homes - homes1
Landers Roost - landersroost
Creeper Pens - creeperpens
Eden Marketplace - homes2good
Town Center - towncenter_good
Eden Underground - under
Eden Underground 2 - over
Eden Shield Generator - shield
Eden Market Under Siege - home2evil
Otto's Shop - otto
Towncenter Attacked - towncenter_evil
Outskirts Of Eden - cliff1
Eden Cliffside - cliff2
Mooagly Swamps - swamp1
Deep Mooagly Swamps - swamp2
Swamps Confrontation - swamp3
Billy Goats Gruff - gruff
We Cemetery - cemetery
The Wind Of Spirit - fog
The Water Of Purity - water
The Sanctity OF Blood - blood
The Bridge Of Reason - oracleway
Tomb Of The We - oracle
Introduction sequence - intro
End sequence - end
Zoo level [NOTE 1] - zoo
Gruffy and Julie FMV sequence [NOTE 2] - gruff_cinema

NOTE 1: This code unlocks a level that has multiple rooms, each containing different creatures found throughout the game.
NOTE 2: The other FMV sequences can probably be loaded in the same manner, by looking in the maps folder for the names.

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