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Hellfire Cheats "Extra quests and characters" (PC)


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Extra quests and characters

Create a text file named "command.txt" in the game directory. The file should only consist of the following line "cowquest;theoquest;bardtest;multitest;barbariantest"

-To play the Cow Quest, finish the Church and Catacomb levels, then visit the new character that replaces Lester the Farmer.

-To play the Theo Quest, finish the Hive, return to Town and talk to the girl.

-The Bard has maximum of 120 strength, 120 magic, 120 dexterity, and 100 vitality. She can use two swords at once and may hit multiple creatures with a sweep attack. The Bard also has the Identify spell as a special ability and has the same appearance as the Rogue.

-The Barbarian has a maximum 270 strength, 0 magic, 40 dexterity, and 150 vitality. He can use a two-handed weapon with just one arm and may hit several creatures with a sweep attack. Although this character class can not cast spells, he has some magic resistance. The Barbarian has the capability to temporarily raise his stats while in an special enraged state. This character has the same appearance as the Warrior.

-Multitest mode enables multi-player play through a network or modem but does not support It also does not allow game play in the new dungeon levels.

Note: The modified "command.txt" file will also make Na-Krul, the second final Boss, talk like a radio announcer.

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