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Hellgate: London Cheats "Mini-game hints" (PC)


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Mini-game hints

-Notice the three icons with random numbers in the corner of the HUD above the spell sphere on the right side. The icon represents an action, and the number is the number of times you must perform that action. For example, the teeth icon marked with a "12" indicates you must kill twelve Beast-type enemies. Completing the goal for an icon will decrease its number. When all the required number of actions are done, the icon becomes a solid color and "lock". Complete the actions required by all three icons. A song will play, and a small amount of random rare loot will spawn. A new set of three random icons will appear, and the cycle will continue.

-After completing a mini-game, it is best to wait for the new mini-game to load before you collect the rewards from the last game. By doing this, you may be able to satisfy finding objectives immediately.

-Add mods of varying damage types on either your main or alternate weapon to be used only for the mini-game. Doing this will allow every kill to satisfy all elemental objectives at the same time. This is because you only need to inflict damage of a certain type before killing it, and not necessarily with the killing blow. *Pet damage does count toward damage type requirements.

-Weapons with faster fire or swing rates create more chances to critically hit targets, which decreases the time it takes to fulfill that requirement. Add Critical Chance mods to a weapon to further improve your odds. The Hunter skill "Tactical Stance" is a good way to score critical hits as that faction.

-When a Blademaster is using dual swords, the right hand sword makes the first hit. If the first hit kills the monster, left hand sword will not hit, thus does not satisfy "damage of type" criteria.

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