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Hero X Cheats "Superpowers" (PC)


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The following superpowers can be enabled:

superbulletshield= (Protects against small high-velocity projectiles)
superconfusion= (Confused opponents wander aimlessly, forgetting to fight temporarily)
supercopypower= (Use someone else's randomly selected superpower temporarily)
superdangersense= (Know what direction threats lie in)
superearthquake= (Knocks everyone off their feet and stun them temporarily)
superelectricbolt= (Connects you rather shockingly to a target for heavy damage)
superelectricshock= (An electric arc shoots and strikes an enemy for light damage)
superenergydrain= (Lessens power of a target who possesses superabilities)
superentanglement= (Employs flora to hinder your enemy movement)
superesp= (Read thoughts of enemies and innocents)
superfireball= (Fires flaming ball that concentrates on a target for heavy damage)
superfireshield= (Flaming aura surrounds you, lessening damage)
superflamethrower= (Flames shoot in a stream inflicting moderate damage)
superflamingbody= (Flames surround your body, burning all who strike you)
superforcefield= (Form barrier of force around you, absorbing all damage inflicted)
superforcehand= (Mentally generated hand attacks at a distance)
superfreezeray= (Shoot ball of extreme cold at a target, freezing him in his tracks)
superfrenzy= (Fighting strength and speed increase)
superhealing= (Recover from any injuries at accelerated rate)
supericeshield= (Aura of cold surrounds you and lessens damage)
supericeslide= (Pathway of ice beneath allows you to slide very quickly)
superillusiondecoy= (Create identical copy of yourself and renders you invisible)
superimmobilize= (Immobilizes opponents in ice)
superinfravision= (See heat and foes can no longer hide in darkness)
superinvis= (Undetectable by sight)
superjump= (Leap obstacles with enhanced legs)
superknockback= (Field that forces away anyone you strike)
superknockoutgas= (Noxious fumes to overwhelm enemies)
supermimic= (Absorb the appearance and abilities of another by touch)
supermindcontrol= (Make almost anyone an ally)
supermultiply= (Create three independent duplicates of yourself)
superpsychicblast= (Damage a single target)
superpsychichold= (Immobilize a single target)
superrepulse= (Force away anyone who tries telekinetic shove)
supersense= (Quickly identifies objects you can interact with)
supershapeshift1= (Transmute body to stone or metal)
supershockfield= (Field shocks anyone attempting to strike you)
supersmokescreen= (Generate a cloud to confuse and slow enemies)
supersonicboom= (Devastating blast of sound)
supersonicstun= (Devastating blast of sound)
superspeed= (Fast speed)
superstasisfield= (Field of energy that renders enemy immobile)
superstrength1= (Lift up to one ton)
superstrength2= (Lift up to three tons)
supertelekinesis= (Move objects from a distance)
superteleport= (Transform yourself from matter to energy, and back again elsewhere)
supertimeslow= (Slow time in your immediate area)
supertimestop= (Stop time for all those around you)
superwhirlwind= (Miniature tornado)
superwindblast= (Knock back enemies)
superxrayvision= (See through walls of wood and stone)

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