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Heroes Chronicles: Conquest Of The Underworld Cheats "Hero without creatures in party" (PC)


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Hero without creatures in party

Obtain any Summon Elementals spell and the Resurrect spell (or use the nwcthereisnospoon code) and get into a battle. Make sure you are evenly matched. Once you have one stack remaining, summon an Elemental. Let the remaining stack be killed. You can then continue the battle without real creatures. When you know that you will win for sure (in one or two turns), resurrect a stack of creatures and kill the last opponent. You will win the battle, but as usual your summoned and resurrected creatures will be gone. Your hero will have no creatures in his or her party. You will die however if you get in a battle. Save the game before trying this, as there may be undiscovered side effects. You can recruit creatures after doing this. Note: If you end the battle with only a spell summoned stack of creatures you will lose the battle, regardless of who was defeated.

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