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Hidden And Dangerous PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Note: Most of the cheats can only be enabled on the original unpatched game. The v1.1 patch will disable the cheats. Type iamcheater or iwillcheat at any opening screen or menu. A clicking sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: The code may need to be entered twice in succession. Activate the following cheats byentering the corresponding codes during game play or at any menu screen:

All items - allitems
All weapons and ammunition - allloot
Alternate uniforms, including dressing as Lara Croft - laracroft
Big head mode - funnyhead
Current mission ends in failure - gamefail
Current mission ends successfully - gamedone or missionover
Enemy view from the back - enemyb
Enemy view from the front - enemyf
Kill all opponents - killthemall
Load saved game - quickload
Open all doors - openalldoor
Restore health - goodhealth
Revive fallen companion, except after drowning - resurrect
Restore censored version to full - bluestars
Show coordinates in top left corner - playercoords
Toggle invincibility - cantdie or nohits
View ending sequence - showtheend
Wire frame mode - debugdrawwire or debugdrawvolumes

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