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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats "No reload" (PC)


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No reload

This is pretty weirdbut can be very useful. You will need Ballers and two other pistols (for example, the revolver and Deagle). First, drop the Ballers and Deagle then equip the revolver. Move so that the Ballers and Deagle are on the right hand side of the player on the floor. Pick the Ballers up. This will put the revolver into your left hand and the Ballers into your inventory. After that, pick up the Deagle (making sure it is still on your right side before you do). Your player should will have the revolver in his left hand and the Deagle in his right. You can now fire the Deagle continuously without having to reload.

2 years ago

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