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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy high rank on "The Murder Of Crows"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy high rank on "The Murder Of Crows"

Only your standard equipment (no guns) is required. When the level begins, instead of following the man in the red bird suit, leave the hotel, turn right, and follow the street until you are heading north. Then, look for the door to an alley on your left (behind a music store). Notice the piano hanging in the air. Climb the items next to the dumpster without worrying about the two old men there. Also, make sure no cops or the female crow are watching. When you have climbed the boxes, proceed along the ledge to the stairs and jump across to the other landing. Walk along the ledge to plant a bomb on the wench holding the piano, Then get back down the way you came from and head back towards the hotel. Once you get there, notice the Blues Club opposite. There is an alley next door that you can go in. Enter and walk to the dumpster. Open the lid. The female crow will probably be there. Wait until she leaves. When she does, sneak up behind the waiter and sedate him. Take his clothes and dispose of his body. Then, go into the back of the Blues Club, through the bar, to the kitchen, and up the stairs. There should be a waiter making out with a girl on the landing. Go up to him and he will leave. Once he and the girl are downstairs, look through the keyhole of the door. Wait about thirty seconds to a minute. If you do not see Raymond (the male crow) walking from one side of the room to the other, then he is probably in the Salsa Club. However, enter the room and check to make sure he is not there. If you need to go to the Salsa Club, simply leave the Blues Club the way you entered. When you exit the alley, head right. Again, enter the club from the alley in the back and go upstairs. Be careful -- the door in this building that leads to Raymond is not locked. Open the door but do not enter the room. Move the camera around until you can see the bright light. Note: You can also open the door and take a step in, remaining hidden behind the door, but this might not work past the "Normal" difficulty setting. If Raymond is here, he will be pacing back and forth in front of the light. Wait until he stops and talks on his radio, then sneak up and poison or strangle him. Take his suit and his radio. Do not let Raymond's wife (the female crow) see you or she will know you are not Raymond and kill you. Raymond is usually in one of these two clubs, but sometimes he is in the others. Just work your way up the street past the Salsa Club until you find him. Once you have his suit on, do not leave the same way you came in the CLUB. Go out the fire escape, but make sure no police are watching. Go to the alley with the piano again, but make sure you take the southern road west and not the northern one so that you do not run into the other crow. Check your map and make sure she enters the alley before you do. Once she enters, follow her in, but not too closely. As she walks under the piano, detonate the bomb. When she is dead, go out the other door in the alley (next to the dumpster) and find a building across the street with guards in yellow bird suits. Enter it and go upstairs.. They will not stop or search you. The briefcase should have been delivered by now, but if it has not, wait for it. When it has been delivered, enter the office. It is easy to kill this target by sneaking behind him with fiberwire or poison while he walks to the couch, but you must be careful. The guard upstairs enters the office on short intervals so, if you make your move at the wrong time, he will see you killing his boss. This part might require some waiting. If you have a save available you might want to use it before killing the third target. Once he's dead, dispose of his body in the container next to the closet, take the briefcase, walk out of the building, and escape. The guards might be suspicious of you with the briefcase, so don't run.

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