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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy "Hitman" rank on "Curtains Down"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy "Hitman" rank on "Curtains Down"

To start this level you need only a sniper rifle. When you begin, walk through the door and to the right side of the building. You will see a flight of stairs going down. Go down those stairs and walk down the hallway to the right of you, then keep going until you see a stage worker painting a door next to a policeman who is standing next to another door. Get near the stage worker and wait until the cop walks through the door that he is standing next to. Then, run through the open doorway that the stage worker is next to while making sure he catches your attention. He will run after you to stop you. Run halfway down the stairs and wait for him to stop you, then beat him up with your fists until he is unconscious. Note: While beating him up, you will drop your briefcase that has your sniper rifle. If you do not want a witness, take your poison syringe and kill him. Take his clothes and retrieve your briefcase, then run down the stairs and you will see a door. Go through the door and check your map for any police. If any are present, simply wait until they leave. In the room is a metal cage with three sides. Go inside the metal cage and climb up. After climbing up the metal cage, you are able to kill both targets (Alvaro D'Alvade and Richard Delahunt). Take out your sniper rifle and shoot Richard Delahunt. He will be sitting in a chair in front of the play on the second floor. Then, shoot Alvaro D'Alvade. (He will be directly in front of you). He is the man tied up to the stake. Make sure you do this fast so that no one sees you. Pack up your sniper rifle and climb down the metal cage. Walk out the way you came in, then go up the stairs and take your suit. Go to where the level started and leave to have a "Hitman" rank and an extra $100,000.

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