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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Amendment XXV"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Amendment XXV"

Begin the level with no weapons whatsoever, then go into the east wing, pass the metal detectors, and move straight ahead. Pass the red ropes and go left to the bathroom. Get ready to use your sedative syringe. Go to the corner next to the door and wait for the museum attendant to enter use the bathroom. Sneak behind him and sedate him, then take his clothes and drag him to a corner to avoid catching the guard's attention. Get out of the bathroom and go directly to the museum attendant entrance. Continue until the end of the hall, then go to the door on the left to get to the outside. Look for the Marine and get behind him, then take his clothes and without worrying about the M14. You won't need it as it only gets in the way. Go back inside and find the hallway to the main building. Almost at the end of the hallway is a door that will take you to the roof. Go up and find the scaffold into the main building. Go up, but stop before you reach the top, There will be two workers looking at the window. If they see you climbing, they will raise the alarm. Wait for them to turn around, then climb to the top. Go in the window. The room straight ahead has a camera so, instead of going in it, go left to the room being remodeled and keep going through doors until you find the next window. Make sure that the patrolling Marine is not in the room any more. Then, climb out the window and go down the next scaffold. When you are down there, turn left and get close to the edge to climb down the wall. Find a lattice that will take you to the garden. If you did this in a timely fashion, you warrive at the garden before the Vice President is there with his dog. There might be a Secret Service guard patrolling so avoid raising suspicion. Walk, or if alone, run to the West Wing towards the only clear window in the Oval Office. Parchezzi is in the Oval Office and will get close to the window when the Vice President approaches it. Pull a wall mine from your inventory. Parchezzi might see you doing this, but he will not do anything about it. Set it up as close to the window as possible, then run back to the roof you came from. Climb up and be ready with the detonator. Make sure you are close enough to detonate. As soon as the Vice President is at the window, wait about two seconds and Parchezzi will come to talk to him. Detonate, then the detonator away and climb back up the scaffold to the main building. Go back the same way you came from, avoiding the cameras. Go down the other scaffold and go into the hallway. Walk out, but do not forget to put your suit back on. Your bar might show a little green or maybe even yellow, but it is acceptable. Simply walk out through the metal detectors and escape.

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