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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Dance With The Devil"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Dance With The Devil"

One Baller that is silenced is required. As soon as the mission begins, go to the right hand side (car park entrance) while staying close to the side. Turn your camera to see in the small office. Watch the guard inside. When he turns around, stay close to the wall underneath the camera. When it turns away, run down to the right and go behind the car. Take out the syringe (sedative) and get the guard, then steal his clothes and dump his body in the dumpster. Run to the upper right corner of the map (to the point of interest). Making sure no one is looking, switch into the heaven guest outfit and save the game. Go back to where you sedated the guard and pick the lock on the door next to the dumpster. Climb up the ladder into the first elevator, then go all the way up to the top. Once on the top floor, run into the main area with all the people. Speak with the cook or chef, then watch the singer. Once she is done, wait to the left of the stage. She leads you to her private room. Follow her and stay close. Once she goes through the third door, run past, turn around, and shoot her. Make sure she does not fire her gun. Hack the computer on the desk, then go back to the elevator and wait for the doors to close. Climb up on top and wait for your main target. He will go into the elevator. Once it starts moving, strangle him. Do this with the Fiberwire out, standing over the hole. Stay on top and get off the elevator. Go back down the ladder. Go back to where you got the heaven outfit. On the other side of the trailers should be a man vomiting. Save the game once you are behind him. Make sure no one is looking and sedate him. Steal his outfit and throw his body in the dumpster behind you. Occasionally the guard sees you. If this happens, load the save dgame and stash his body behind the trailers. Once you have the hell's guest outfit, run back to the ladder room. Go to the furthest elevator, ride it down, and kill the guard any way desired (gun recommended). Stash his body in the elevator, then take his clothes and find the bar with the devil. Talk with him, then duel with him. After he dies, run to his body and steal the keys. Once you come out the second set of doors, stay to the left and run down the hallway into the back. Go to the right. There should be some guards. Make sure no one is looking. Sabotage the pyro show (brown box next to a door, on the left). Once that is done go same way you came in to the exit mark on the map. Wait for the woman to die, then leave. If done fast enough, you can get the "Silent Assassin" rank.

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