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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Death On The Mississippi"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Death On The Mississippi"

Only your standard equipment is required. First, go to the power box and break the fuse. When the guard investigates it, go up the stairs that he was on top of and go to the left at the top. It should be unlocked. Go inside and to the closet on the right, then bring up the map. When the guard comes up the stairs, take out your sedative syringe and poison the whiskey. Hide in the other closet. When the sailor falls asleep, steal his clothes and the key on the table. Leave the room and go down the stairs and into the room between and under them. It should have burning coal. Follow the gator man. When he goes to the rail and nobody is looking, push him over to kill him. Leave the same way you came in and go up the big stairs. Go in the first door. You should be on the third floor. Go to where the gator is kissing a girl and wait for them to go in a room. When she exits, go in and strangle him. The, go back to the stairs, to the fourth floor, and go to the kitchen when the cook has his back to you. Sedate him and stick his body in the cooler after you take his clothes. Make sure the guard does not appear or you will have to restart. Poison the cake and holster the knife. Slit the guard's throat on the balcony and dump the body off the side. Stash the knife in the cake and put any weapons that are detectable inside the crate. Go up the stairs to the top floor. You will be searched. Drop the cake. Take the knife and holster it. Pick up the cake. If a gator is in the bathroom, slit his throat. Go in the next room and, if the person is looking away, poison the whiskey. Put the cake in the next room on the table, then go to the room on the left and take the photos in the safe. There should be one or two gators remaining. Go to the guard that searched you and slit his throat. There may be one guard remaining. If there is, go into the room he is in alone and throw the knife at him. Then, go to the sailor suit and wear it. Go to the bottom floor and to the rescue boat, but do not get in. Instead, go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the room with the point of interest. When nobody is in there, pick up the FN2000 and put it in the case. Wear your suit and take the rescue boat. If done correctly, you should get a "Silent Assassin" rank and a FN2000.

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