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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Flatline"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy "Silent Assassin" rank on "Flatline"

Only  the standard equipment is required. When the level begins, walk up the main path until you find a policeman smoking. On your left is a bench with the admission paper on it. Take it and enter the building from the main gate, then go to the reception area and place the admission paper there. The nurse will unlock the door behind her and tell you to get in and change into a patient's robe. Do so. Walk out of the room and go towards the big door where the policeman is standing. He will frisk you and let you pass. Once you're past the door, turn left and go up the stairs on your left. Turn left again until you find Room A. Go inside and walk the other side to get on the balcony. Jump down the balcony to the lower level. On your left is a dumpster with a door on the left. Go inside to see a guard sleeping. Sedate him, drag him outside, steal his clothes, and dispose of his body in the dumpster. Get back inside and take the keycard from the desk next to the video monitor. Use the keycard to open the security door next to you. Continue going until you find another security door. Open it and go down the hall. Hide next to the window at the other side of the room. You will see two guards through the window. The first one is asleep and the other is patrolling. Save the game, then wait for the patrolling guard to leave then get in the room through the window. The following actions must be done as fast as possible: sedate the sleeping guard and drag his body towards the whiteboard on his and your right. When you reach the whiteboard, you will see a white box on your right where you can dispose his body. Take his clothes, then hide him. Go back to the window from where you entered and on the desk next to it is a cell key. Take it to gain access to the room where the patrolling guard entered, then go down the stairs. Check your map and locate the V.I.P. Go to his room and unlock the door using the cell key. Get in and talk to him. Select the action "Sedate agent", making sure no one sees you sedating him. Leave the medical wing and go back to where you got the policeman's outfit, then change into the patient's robe again and climb the water pipe located on a column on your left. Do not go all the way up. Check the balcony in front of you for a bodyguard and wait until he leaves, then get on the balcony on your left. Enter in the first door you find. This is the room belonging to one of your targets. If he is in there, get behind him and kill him. He will not bother to tell you to leave so there is no need to sneak inside. If he is not there, hide in the bathroom and wait for him to appear. After you have killed him, drag him, and hide him in the bathroom. Get out on the balcony again and enter the next door (second in a row). That is Room A (your room). Leave it and go downstairs. Enter the room with the big globe next to the fireplace. Go to the globe while making sure no one is watching and open it. You will find a bottle of whiskey inside which belongs to your primary target. Poison it and leave. Go up the stairs on the left top corner of the room with the fireplace (the corner is on your left as you step in front of the fireplace looking towards the opposite wall). Once you are upstairs again, turn right and enter the second room on your left. You will be completely alone in this room. You can find a therapist's uniform here. Wear it and check the map for the last target. Once you have found him, go to him and he will tell you that he will be waiting for you in your office. Follow him to the office where you will be alone to have him start talking to you. Get behind him and kill him. Use poison if this any remaining; otherwise use the Fiber Wire. Get out of the building from the door where you were frisked, then go towards the beginning of the level and enter the morgue. Give the antidote to the V.I.P, then go to the door with the exit sign and escape.

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