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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Easy "Special Rating" achievement on "A New Life"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy "Special Rating" achievement on "A New Life"

A minimum of ten headshots are required for this achievement, as well as a silenced sniper rifle and the foil case. In the "A New Life" mission, chooseyour sniper rifle as your only weapon. Walk around to the tree house at the end of the street where you find the air rifle. (It is at the exclamation point near the ladder in the middle of the map). Unpack your rifle and snipe every FBI agent that gets within your sights. Right after, two cars will arrive carrying more agents. Snipe these as well,making sure not to hit any civilians or the dog. You should end up with two guards remaining in the surveillance van out front, one at the front door, and one at the back door. Pack your sniper into the foil case and walk back to the surveillance van, but turn into the open garage on the left. Unpack and assemble the rifle in the back corner, dropping the rifle on the floor of the garage. Then, walk to the other side of the street, poison the donuts when no one is looking, wait for the caterer to deliver the donuts, and watch the intermission sequence. Enter the van when the jogger is out of sight and change to an FBI suit. Use the phone to call the witness. Leave the van quickly and pick up your rifle. Snipe the guard at the front door and look to the left. Snipe the witness on the phone in the living room window, then enter the house through the door to the left of the garage. Walk north to the bedroom with open window and climb out. Walk to the back corner of the yard and snipe the final FBI agent at the back door. Pack your sniper rifle up and enter the window again. Leave the case in the bedroom and get your sedative syringe ready. Find the wife of the witness running nerviously through the house and sedate her to take the microfilm necklace. Pickup your sniper case on the way out, change back into your suit you left in the surveillance van, andproceed to the exit to gain the achievement and read an interesting headline.

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