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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Killing the Chad Bingham on "You Better Watch Out"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Killing the Chad Bingham on "You Better Watch Out"

-Follow this method if you do not mind getting security after you or are able to do it without being spotted. While he is in the hot tub withwomen, shoot into the water. The bottom will fall out like glass with water rushing downward. It drops anyone onto the Pier Floor into the water for a near instant kill. This includes yourself, so make sure to not be in the water when you do this. This will check off that target as being killed as soon as he vanishes "down the drain".

-To kill the younger target, Chad Bingham, without being seen by anyone at all, use a silenced weapon(for example, silenced Silverballer or SPL40 Silenced). At the start of the level, walk over to the elevator with two Christmas guards and go inside, but do not go up. Wait until the doors are closed and climb the hatch. When the man with glasses and a big flashing heart on his jacket walks into the elevator, pull him up into the shaft and steal his clothes. When you get to the top there will be a man in a white suit. Ignore him and do a U-turn on the balcony. Walk forward to eventually see Chad in the Jacuzzi. Turn to your right. If you see another pool you have gone too far. Go back a bit until you see some double glass doors. Past them is a room full of people with a bar in the corner. There is also a passage with a heart similar to the one you are wearing. Walk past the guards and you should reach a cave-like area. Do another U-turn and there should be a door. Go through it and turn left, then walk along until you reach a corridor on the right with a man and a woman making out. When they see you, the man will leave. The woman will go into a room to her right and beckon you. Under no circumstances go in as she will definitely kill you. Instead, ignore and turn right. You will see a door. Make sure nobody is around and go through. There will be a series of stairs. Climb down to the very bottom. There will be some double doors to your right that lead to a balcony. Go onto it and look up to see the underside of the Jacuzzi. Shoot it once. If you do not have a silenced weapon, run because guards will hear the shot and find you. Otherwise, calmly walk away and proceed with the mission.

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