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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats "Weapon locations" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Weapon locations

Search the following levels for the corresponding weapons:

A Vintage Year - Snub nosed, SAF SMG, TMP, and Shotgun
Curtains Down - MP5, SLP.40 pistol
Flatline - SLP.40 Pistol, TMP
A New Life - SLP.40 Pistol, Bull.480, Air rifle
The Murder Of Crows - Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, SLP.40S, MP9, SG552, KAZO TRG
You Better Watch Out - SLP.40 Pistol, TMP
Death On The Mississippi - Desert Eagle, Snub nosed, Bull.480, shotgun, FN - 2000
Til Death Do Us Part - Six Shooter, Shotgun, Elephant Rifle (displayed on the wall)
A House Of Cards - SLP.40 pistol, SLP.40 S, TMP
A Dance With The Devil - Desert Eagle, SLP.40 pistol, MP7, MP5, FN - 2000, Dragunov Sniper (on the top floor where you check the computer; it blends in with the desk)
Amendment XXV - Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, MP5, Custom 1911, M14
Requiem - SLP.40 pistol, MP7, Custom 1911

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