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Hobbit, The Cheats "Avoiding spiders in Mirkwood Forest" (PC)


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Avoiding spiders in Mirkwood Forest

-Head to the North Camp. After you fill the hole with water, go to the camp. Slowly walk toward the gold chest until spiders appear, then run back to the water and jump onto the log. If done correctly, the spiders will have followed you to the water. The spiders will try getting you, but will instead fall in the water. You will not get the courage points, but you will have saved your life bubbles.

-Stay at the North Camp and destroy all the webs except the one that makes you fall into a pit. Forget that one and simply continue with the game. When You return to the North Camp, destroy that web. You will fall into a pit. Normally a huge spider would have been in the pit, but if you killed all the spiders first, that spider will no longer appear.

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