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Hobbit, The Cheats "Easy courage points hints" (PC)


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Easy courage points hints

-During the final level when you meet Liana, she will start fighting the Goblins. There will be an infinite amount of them. If you need to level up, stay there for awhile and collect all of the courage points.

-On the final level (Gathering Of The Clouds), when you meet up with Lianna, you can get endless courage points by either waiting at the top of the ladder for Lianna to kill all of the Orcs, or by fighting them yourself. The Orcs will repeatedly appear, supplying you with endless courage points.

-At the start of the final level (The Clouds Burst)  and after talking to Gandalf and receiving his message, look around. You will see three female Elves. Face away from Gandalf and Elvenking Thranduil. After that, go to the female elf on your left. Talk to this female elf seven times and a lot of courage points (value 50) will appear, which you will automatically collect. This will total 2,000 courage points. If you do not receive the 2,000 courage points, you may be talking to the wrong female elf. In this case, just try the others until you get the courage points.

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