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Hobbit, The Cheats "Trolls on Roast Mutton" (PC)


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Trolls on Roast Mutton

After escaping from the whirlpool, go to the area where you see trolls. Afterwards, you will notice that many  boulders will block your pathway that you have once encountered. Then, go to a trail that is on your right. You will encounter a Troll. There are about three Trolls here. The first Troll will be walking to another area, and remain there for a few seconds. This is the same as the other area. If you can, cross his area when he is not there, and climb upon a small staircase. You will then see a blue chest. Go up to it, The Troll you first encountered will go to another area. You will find a tree trunk. The Troll will rub his back against it for a few seconds, then will go to another tree trunk and rub his back against it for a few seconds. Note: When he leaves his first area, don'tsneak to the rock to hide. Sneaking is not very accurate, and it will be easy for the Trolls to find you. When they do, they will catch you and will have you for lunch. However, running works best. It is necessary to run when The troll is leaving. Note: The advantage is that if they cannot see you, then it is obvious to them that they also cannot hear you. After running into the rock, go to the trail that leads to another Troll. Running is very inaccurate because you will not pay very much attention and may step on the leaves, which will wake up the Troll. Once you have crossed the trail, you will run into an obstacle course. Cross the obstacle course, and the second Troll will go to two rocks. Go to the Troll, but try not to wake him up. Do these steps exactly: When he yawns, sneak away from him. Note: You will not have very much time to get to the next part, and it is slightly easy for delays. Once you have escaped from the second Troll, you will encounter the first Troll again. There are rocks you can go up to. When the troll is not looking, run and kneel. Do the same thing with the other rock. Then, you will run into the third Troll. Sneak up to a wallet behind him. When you do, the wallet will talk. At the end of the level, Gandalf will tell you that he turned the three trolls into stone, completing the level.

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