Homeworld PC Cheats

Rating 3

Infinite money

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the singleplayer.script SCRIPT file in the game folder. Look for the line similar to "SINGLEPLAYER_STARTINGRUS*space space space space* 750. Delete the "750" and replace it with four to eight number "9"s. You will get a large amount of Rus. If this value is too large, you will go into debt as it will become a negative value in the game. Also, you have to start the game over to get it to work; it cannot be used with saved games. A pre-modified version of the script can be downloaded here.

Rating 1

Pilot View on ships

It is possible to view a firefight from aboard the bridge of one of your ships in the 1.05b patch. First, create and/or update a shortcut to the Homeworld exe by right-clicking your shortcut to bring up the options. Choose Properties and in the box that comes up, scroll to the end of the target field, add a space and add "/pilotview" (without quotes) so that it shows something like this: ...\Sierra\Homeworld\homeworld.exe /pilotview Click OK to close that window and enable Pilot View. Now play HOmeworld and choose a single ship and focus on it (the default focus key is F). Press Q to toggle pilot view and enjoy how a commander would see the 90s graphics. Note that if you focus on another ship (when in pilot view), you'll jump to its pilot view. If you choose a group of ships, you'll go back to the default view mode. Pressing Q will toggle between pilot and normal views. Now when you run Homeworld from the edited shortcut and focus on a single ship, hit Q to toggle pilot view on and off.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by starting the game with the corresponding command line parameters:

Enable debug mode - /debug
Pilot view in battles2 - /pilotView
1024x768 resolution - /1024
1280x1024 resolution - /1280
16 bit color - /d16
1600x1200 resolution - /1600
24 bit color - /d24
32 bit color - /d32
640x480 resolution (default) - /640
800x600 resolution - /800
Allow LAN play regardless of version - /forceLAN
Autosaves game frequently, records packets - /debugSync
Center the SM world plane at about 0,0,0 rather than the camera - /smCentreCamera
Close captioning - /closeCaptioned
CPU players are deterministic - /determCompPlayer
Create log of data files loaded - /logFileLoads
Disable bi-linear filtering of textures - /noFilter
Disable default CPU players1 - /noCompPlayer
Disable FMV sequences - /disableAVI
Disable galaxy backgrounds - /noBG
Disable int 3 after fatal error - /nodebugInt
Disable ship damage effects - /noShowDamage
Disable tactics - /notactics
Disable usage of OpenGL perspective correction hints - /nohint
Disables retreat tactics - /noretreat
Display fullscreen with software renderer (default) - /fullscreen
Display in a window - /window
Do not load textures - /nilTexture
Do not use anything from bigfile(s) - /ignoreBigfiles
Do not use KNI even if support is detected - /disableKatmai
Do not use polygon smoothing - /noSmooth
Do not use the packed textures if available - /disablePacking
Enable AI Player logging - /aiplayerLog
Enable gathering of stats - /gatherStats
Enable stipple alpha (software renderer) - /stipple
Enable text feedback in game commands - /textFeedback
Enables NIS testing mode using [nisFile] - /testNIS
Enables NIS testing mode using [scriptFile] - /testNISScript
Fatal errors do not generate int 3 before exiting - /nodebugInt
Force mixer to write to DirectSound driver - /dsound
Force mixer to write to Waveout - /waveout
Force usage of KNI even if determined to be unavailable - /forceKatmai
Generate game stats log file - /statLogOn
Generate Int 3 when a sync error occurs - /intOnSync
No border on window - /noBorder
No minimize with [Alt] + [Tab] - /noMinimize
No pausing with [Alt] + [Tab] - /noPause
Play a demo - /demoPlay
Play back packet recording - /packetPlay
Press [F11] to toggle free mouse movement - /freemouse
Record a demo - /demoRecord
Record packets of multiplayer game - /packetRecord
Render bounding bowties on the ships - /boxes
Reset rendering system to defaults at startup - /sw
Select an rGL device by name (sw, fx, d3d) - /device
Select default OpenGL as renderer - /gl
Select Direct3D as renderer - /d3d
Sets global memory heap size - /heap
Sets path to CD-ROM - /CDpath
Sets path to search for opening files - /prepath
Show dock lines - /dockLines
Show gun lines - /gunLines
Show light lines in debug mode - /lightLines
Swap the left and right audio channels - /reverseStereo
Try 24 bit modes before 15/16 bit - /truecolor
Turn all sound effects off - /noSound
Turn all speech off - /noSpeech
Turn off captaincy log file - /captaincyLogOff
Turn off front end textures - /NoFETextures
Turn off network logging file - /logOff
Turn on captaincy log file - /captaincyLogOn
Turn on network logging file - /logOn
Turn on verbose network logging file - /logOnVerbose
Use slow screen blits - /slowBlits

NOTE 1: May not be enabled in all versions of the game.
NOTE 2: Requires v1.04.