Hot Rod: Garage To Glory PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding names as a profile name:

All cars (Damaged), $71,000 - BUNTA
All cars (Hot Rod), $79,000 - SHINGO
All cars (Hot Rod), $76,000 - SIMONE
None, $203,500 - TAK

Rating 1

Moon Drag track

Complete every track in tournament mode in the Hotrod level to unlock a drag track on the moon.

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Easy money hints

-Once you unlock the moon track, make a race on "grudge race" mode. Once you win a race on the moon, the amount of your winnings will be multiplied by 10. For example, $20 becomes $200 and $600 becomes $6,000. Also, if you lose you will only lose the original amount, and not the bonus amount. You can use this at anytime after unlocking the Moon Drag track.

-Enable the SIMONE code unlock every car and receive $76,000. Then, sell as many cars as desired to receive more money. When you are done you will have money in the upper millions.

-Purchase your first car. Go into "Engine", "Body", and "Chassis". Sell all the individual parts by clicking "Remove". Do this for every category of the car then go back to the car selection screen and sell the frame. Depending on the vehicle you should make about $300 to $800 for each car. Do this enough times and you can then buy level 10 blocks. Once you make enough money you can keep a car with all the parts out and keep saving to fully upgrade the car by repeating the process. After about thirty cars you might have a 6.5 second hot rod in your garage.

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Free parts

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the parts files in the "\valusoft\canopy games\hot rod\hot rod garage to glory\parts" folder. You can the parts that you wish to modify and change the "Cost" value to 1. For example:

Name=Brake system level 1  Durability=100  Cost=60  ACV=40  Respect=1  InstallTime=2.0  MenuImg=  Brake Pads level 1  [...]  

Change "Cost=60" to "Cost=1".