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Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Cheats "Secret tracks" (PC)


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Secret tracks

-Enter the practice race screen (with the checkered flags) after unlocking all the tracks. Move the pointer over one of the letter "T"'s in the word "Mattel" on the "Hot Wheels Mattel" screen. Hold the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to access a 3-D world. You do not have to pick a race; simply click the green arrow and pick your car. Click "Go" and you will be on a bonus track. This procedure must be repeated after the race ends if you wish to do it again.

-After you unlock all the normal tracks, go to the track selection screen and click on the "Hot Wheels" icon.

-After you complete all the timed tracks, advance to the practice track menu where you can choose a track. Looking at the background picture, point to the letter "A" in the word "Mattel" that is on the red seal. Right click on the "A". If done correctly, you will hear the music change to a space theme. When you hear the music, click on the green "Go" button as you would to play a normal track after selecting it. Select any car desired. Then, click the green "Go" button to race on the Space track.

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