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Hoyle Casino '99 PC Cheats

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Hidden slot machine

Select the following options repeatedly in order on the tool bar in the lower right corner: "Games", "Slots", "Progressive", "$100 dollar machine". Eventually, a progressive slot machine with an "Out of Order" will appear. Play this machine to get a larger pay out than the other slot machines.

2 years ago

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Easy money hints

-Give all your money to the desired character and go to roulette ($5,000 or more). Choose the three CPU characters and let them all bet $5,000 on any number. Have your character bet $0.

-Go into a $1000 Tournament and play one hand. Then, go to "Keno", then "Keno Tickets". Purchase a ticket for any amount (you will still be in the tournament). When you hit the "Submit" button, your money will double. For each ticket you buy, you will continue to get more money. It will only double the first time and then add that same amount repeatedly. However, if you leave the tournament and start this process over, your bank will be larger, and your money will double again. At $1 billion, your character is reset and your name goes on the Winners List.

-Go to "Games", "Slots", "Progressive", and "$25". After starting with your $5,000, insert all of it into the machine then hold P. When you do this, you will simply keep playing. After hitting the jackpot at least once, notice your credits go up (about $25,000). Leave and go to a $100 progressive slot machine. Do the same thing as done at the $25 one. When you hit the jackpot here, you will get about $10,000,000.

2 years ago

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