Hulk, The PC Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Select the "Code Input" selection at the options screen, enter one of the following codes, then select the "Special Features" option, then "Cheats" to toggle it on or off.

Invulnerability - GMMSKIN
Regenerator - FLSHWND
Full rage meter - ANGMNGT
Unlimited continues - GRNCHTR
Double Hulk's HP - HLTHDSE
Double all enemies HP - BRNGITN
Half all enemies HP - MMMYHLP
Wicked punch - FSTOFRY
Puzzle solved - BRCESTN
Reset high score - NMBTHIH
Unlock all levels - TRUBLVR

Rating 3

Soldiers with their shields up strategy

While in rage mode and you encounter soldiers in their shields, do Hulk's Earthquake attack. Their shields will fall and you can take them out .

Rating 2

Falling soldier on Betrayal

Grab a soldier and jump off the building where green arrows are pointing. As you land on another building, the man will disappear from your hands and then hear him screaming.

Rating 2

The Leader strategy

On the level where you meet the Leader, enable the GMMSKIN code to always win. To make it faster, also enable the FSTOFRY cheat. Punch him once as Banner and use a Sonic Clap as the Hulk to defeat him before help arrives.

Rating 2

Super robots strategy

The super-robots are the steel-made hide-weaponry guards inside the Desert Base. Gget them to clump together, then jump over the pack of them and run in a circle around them. They will use their energy-beam attack, but as you run it will hit more robots, damaging or destroying them all.

Rating 2

Paralyzer attack

If you are confronting a Boss or Gamma guard and you are angry; grab them, then press GAMMA for a hurting and heroic move. This also works on Ross' robots.

Rating 2

Additional comments as Gray Hulk

After unlocking the Gray Hulk, he will say things such as "And you think your car stereo is loud" and other comments.

Rating 2

Cheat mode (file edit)

Using a text editor, create a file named "args.txt" in the game folder with "hulk.exe". Enter one of the following cheat parameters on separate lines to activate the corresponding cheat:

Unlock all cheat, movie art, Hulk Unleashed options - -fesoak
Unlock all options, including challenge modes - -supersoak
Skip introduction sequence - -soak
Disable audio - -nosound
Display frame rate - -framerateicon
Unknown - -lighthack
Unknown - -window
Unknown - -drawcode
Unknown - -nocd

Rating 1

Cheat Codes (in-game)

Find a terminal during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Hulk Transformed movie art - SANFRAN
Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs movie art - PITBULL
Desert Battle movie art - FIFTEEN
Hulk Movie F/X movie art - NANOMED
Play as Gray Hulk - JANITOR

Rating 1

Final level

After you defeat the Leader, the stronghold will collapse. Pound the door two or three times and follow the path. Ignore the Gamma Elite and go directly to the place where you fought Madman and Half-Life. Wait until the boulders stop falling, then jump as if going out of a trouble zone. Defeat the return of Madman at the end and you are home free.

Rating 1

Parasitic Half-Life strategy

Half-Life is the first Boss you face. His touch will drop your health. Get him into the generators. If you cannot; jump into the air and press GAMMA. If you get him in a generator, he'll get fried. His bar will return. Use the same strategies again. He will return after you defeat Ravage (Gamma thief).

Rating 1

Return of Half-Life and Madman

After defeating Ravage and passing the Gamma Elites, you will reach a "door". Two old Bosses will return for revenge (Madman and Half-Life). Deplete half of one of their meters. Madman will escape, will return in the last level. This time, take down Half-Life. Use the Air Gamma trick. This time he stays defeated.

Rating 1

Soldiers and Alphas

Unless you are Super Hulk, Alphas can withstand a full powered gamma blast whilesoldiers cannot. You can tell them apart by the color of their uniforms.

Rating 1

Tank shields

When a tank has its shield up, you cannot go through it--however, your Gamma Claps can. It also reduces the withstanding. You will find health and rage.

Rating 1

Endurance mode

Both endurance modes consist of 25 waves of enemies.

Rating 0

Destroying helicopters

-If you have something to throw, pick it up then jump on the roof. Jump while on the roof. If done correctly, you can blow up the helicopters.

-Do a Super Sonic Clap while in a rage. Point in the general direction of the helicopter, do the attack, and it will explode. Note: This will not work if the helicopter is directly above you.

Rating 0

Waving soldier

In challenge mode, go to time attack mode 1 and wait until the soldiers appear. Go to either side of the building. Pick up a soldier, jump, and throw him off the building. Sometimes another soldier will wave good-bye to him.

Rating 0

Destroying missiles

Perform any kind of punch toward a missile when it is flying at you. If timed correctly, you can punch the missile and send it flying back to the soldier who shot it then blow him up.