Icewind Dale PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Note: Cheat mode may only be enabled in the v1.05 and later patches of the game. Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "icewind.ini" file in the game directory. Add the line "Cheats=1" under the "[Game Options]" section. Start the game and press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to display the console window. Type the following case-sensitive command to enable cheat mode: CheatersDoProsper:EnableCheatKeys();

Then, enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat:

Move selected characters to pointer position. - CTRL + J
Heal or resurrect the selected character or portrait - CTRL + R
Kill selected monster or NPC with no EXP - CTRL + Y
Display trigger polygons; shows traps - CTRL + 4
Cycle character icon backwards - CTRL + 6
Cycle character icon forwards - CTRL + 7
Display character bounding boxes - CTRL + 9
Control selected monster - CTRL + Q

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Additional cheats

The following case-sensitive commands can also be entered at the console window:

Full map - CheatersDoProsper:ExploreArea();
Give selected characters indicated EXP - CheatersDoProsper:SetCurrentXP();
Add indicated gold to party total - CheatersDoProsper:AddGold();
Add 500 gold to party total - CheatersDoProsper:Midas();
5 healing potions , 5 antidotes, and 1 Scroll Of Stone To Flesh - CheatersDoProsper:FirstAid();
Spawn indicated item - CheatersDoProsper:CreateItem();
Teleport party to pointer - CheatersDoProsper:Hans();
Summon Jeff K to attack - CheatersDoProsper:JeffKAttacks()
Summon Jeff K to defend - CheatersDoProsper:JeffKDefends()

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Easy experience hints

-While inside Kresselack's Tomb, past the first big door, will be a Skeletal Mage named Mytos. If you are polite to him and opt for a nonviolent solution, you will get extra experience points before the fight.

-To level up a character easily, have only one character and go through the first quests at the starting town. After that, save the character as an import. Start a new game and load the import. Do the same quests as if you were using a new character. It does more difficult to level up, but it is possible to get your character to level 22 before going to the next town.

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Duplicate items

Export one of your characters with the item(s) you want to duplicate in his or her inventory and put the items into another character's inventory, then arbitrate the character that you exported. Delete him or her, then import them again. The character should have all the experience and have the duplicated item(s). This is an excellent way to earn money and create multiple copies of rare and expensive items.

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Easy and early gold

While in Easthaven, do the quest involving Jhonyn and the blue-skinned woman and earn a pearl. Return to talk to her (right before she disappears) . If you are quick, you can talk to her again while she is disappearing and she will go through the same dialogue, and you will get another pearl. If you are quick enough, you can get three pearls, each worth 100 gold pieces.

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Item Names

Enter the following item names with the CheatersDoProsper:CreateItem(); code:

Necklace of Missiles - AMUL01
Necklace - AMUL02
Arrow - AROW01
Arrow +1 - AROW02
Arrow of Slaying - AROW03
Acid Arrow - AROW04
Arrow of Biting - AROW05
Arrow of Detonation - AROW06
Arrow of Dispelling - AROW07
Arrow of Fire - AROW08
Arrow of Ice - AROW09
Arrow of Piercing - AROW10
Arrow +2 - AROW11
Battle Axe - AX1H01
Battle Axe +1 - AX1H02
Battle Axe +2 - AX1H03
Throwing Axe - AX1H04
Throwing Axe +1 - AX1H05
Throwing Axe +2 - AX1H06
Girdle - BELT01
Golden Girdle - BELT02
Girdle of Bluntness - BELT03
Girdle of Piercing - BELT04
Girdle of Stromnos - BELTSTR
Club - BLUN01
Flail - BLUN02
Flail +1 - BLUN03
Mace - BLUN04
Mace +1 - BLUN05
Morning Star - BLUN06
Morning Star +1 - BLUN07
Flail - BLUN08
Bolt +1 - BOLT02
Bolt +1 - BOLT02
Bolt of Lightning - BOLT03
Bolt of Biting - BOLT04
Bolt of Polymorphing - BOLT05
Bolt +2 - BOLT06
Tome +1 Constitution - BOOK03
Boots of Speed - BOOT01
Boots of Stealth - BOOT02
Boots of the North - BOOT03
Boots of Avoidance - BOOT04
Boots of Grounding - BOOT05
Worn-out Boots - BOOT06
Boots of speed from Drizzt - BOOTDRIZ
Boots of the Fox - BOOTFOX
Composite Long Bow - BOW01
Gauntlets of Ogre Power - BRAC06
Bracers of weapon skill - BRAC09
Bracers of weapon expertise - BRAC10
Bullet +2 - BULL02
Mithril Chain Mail +4 - CHAN06
Cloak of Protection +2 - CLCK02
Mithran's Cloak - CLOAKMI
Dagger +2 - DAGG03
Dart +1 - DART02
Ring of Dwarven Bone - DBONE
The Glory of Suffering (-3 AC) - GLORY
Halberd +1 - HALB02
War Hammer +2 - HAMM03
Helm of Glory - HELM03
Helm of the Blessed Defender - HELMDEF
Sune's Laurel of Favor - HELMSUN
Jester's Bag of Holding - HOLDING
Kaylessa's Bow - KAYBOW
Kaylessa's Elven Chainmail - KAYCHAI
Kaylessa's Gloves - KAYGLOV
Barkskin Ring - MAGE02
Mirror Image Ring - MAGE03
Blur Ring - MAGE04
Horn Coral Gem - MISC35
Boo from Baldur's Gate - MISC84
Orrick's Rhino Beetle Shield - ORRSHLD
Full Plate Mail +1 - PLAT05
Potion of Hill Giant Strength - POTN03
Ring - RING01
Ring of Fire Resistance - RING02
Ring of Animal Friendship - RING03
Ring of Clumsiness - RING04
Ring of Invisibility - RING05
Ring of Protection +1 - RING06
Ring of Protection +2 - RING07
Ring of Wizardry - RING08
Ring of Free Action - RING09
Gold Ring - RING10
Silver Ring - RING11
Onyx Ring - RING12
Jade Ring - RING13
Greenstone Ring - RING14
Bloodstone Ring - RING15
Angel Skin Ring - RING16
Flamedance Ring - RING17
Fire Opal Ring - RING18
Ruby Ring - RING19
Ring of Energy - RING20
Ring of Infravision - RING21
Ring of Holiness - RING22
Ring of Folly - RING23
Koveras' Ring of Protection - RING25
Protection from Cold - SCRL04
Cursed Scroll Of Weakness - SCRL10
Cursed Scroll of Weakness Scroll - SCRL10
Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness Scroll - SCRL11
Cursed Scroll of Foolishness Scroll - SCRL12
Cursed Scroll of Ugliness Scroll - SCRL13
Protection from Petrifaction Scroll - SCRL15
Cursed Scroll of Petrifaction Scroll - SCRL16
Cursed Scroll of Ailment Scroll - SCRL17
Cursed Scroll of Stupidity Scroll - SCRL18
Agannazar's Scorcher Scroll - SCRL1B
Ghoul Touch Scroll - SCRL1C
Clairvoyance Scroll - SCRL1D
Dispel Magic Scroll - SCRL1E
Flame Arrow Scroll - SCRL1F
Fireball Scroll - SCRL1G
Haste Scroll - SCRL1H
Hold Person Scroll - SCRL1I
Lightning Bolt Scroll - SCRL1K
Monster Summoning 1 Scroll - SCRL1L
Non-Detection Scroll - SCRL1M
Protection from Normal Missles Scroll - SCRL1N
Slow Scroll - SCRL1O
Skull Trap Scroll - SCRL1P
Scroll of Vampiric Touch - SCRL1Q
Dire Charm Scroll - SCRL1S
Ghost Armor Scroll - SCRL1T
Confusion Scroll - SCRL1U
Dimension Door Scroll - SCRL1V
Improved Invisibility Scroll - SCRL1Y
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Scroll - SCRL1Z
Monster Summoning 2 Scroll - SCRL2A
Animate Dead Scroll - SCRL2D
Cloudkill Scroll - SCRL2E
Cone Of Cold Scroll - SCRL2F
Monster Summoning 3 - SCRL2G
Letter - SCRL2I
Letter - SCRL2J
Letter - SCRL2K
Letter - SCRL2L
Letter - SCRL2N
Letter - SCRL2O
Letter - SCRL2P
Letter - SCRL2R
Letter - SCRL2S
Letter - SCRL2T
Letter - SCRL2U
Letter - SCRL2V
Letter - SCRL2W
Letter - SCRL2X
Letter - SCRL2Y
Letter - SCRL2Z
Letter - SCRL3A
Letter - SCRL3B
Letter - SCRL3C
Letter - SCRL3D
Letter - SCRL3E
The Diary of Sarevok - SCRL3F
Vocalize Scroll - SCRL3G
Protection from Evil Scroll - SCRL3H
Letter - SCRL3I
Letter - SCRL3V
Letter - SCRL3Z
Spell: Summon Cow - SCRLZZ
Large Shield +1 - SHLD06
Spear +1 - SPER02
Spear +3 - SPER03
Spear - SPER1
Bastard Sword - SW1H01
Cool looking Flameblade - SW1H11
Hull's Longsword - SW1H12
Zan's Moonblade - SW1H13
+3 Scimitar "Frostband" - SW1H15
Two Handed Sword - SW2H01
Long Bow +4: Hammer (+1 AC, +4 Dmg, +5 to Hit, 4 attacks/round) - ULBOW5A
Longsword of Confusion - ULSWD3B
Life's Gift Sword - ULSWD3C
Hold Fast Sword - ULSWD4A
Flaming Longsword +2 - ULSWD3A
Long Sword +3: Enforcer (extra spells, only usable by F/M) - ULSWD4B
Long Sword of Action +4 - ULSWD5A
Long Sword +3: Bhaal's Fire (extra 2d4 of Fire Dmg) - ULSWD5B
Robe of Enfusing - UROBE1A
Dead Paladin - VOICEBN
Wand of Fear - WAND02