Icy Tower PC Cheats

Rating 7

Custom version of Harold The Homeboy

Go into the "\icy tower\characters\template" folder in Windows Explorer and click the file with the icon of a paint brush on a piece of paper to open a sprite version of Harold The Homeboy. Press CTRL + E to open the sprites for editing. Do not go out of the purple boxes, and you must make sure that every part on every sprite (picture of the character) is the same color. Do not go out of Harold's neon green outline. However, you can change the color of the outline. Save the image and then play the game with the template character selected.

Rating 4

Move faster

Press TAB while running to move faster.

Rating 1

Large combos

Try to bounce off the walls repeatedly to get a combo of at least five or more.

Rating 0

Easy points

Start running from one end of the block to the other. Press SPACE at the end to do a running jump. Harold can jump about five floors in a single jump. Note: Practice is required. Also, set the "Rejump" option to "Yes" and the "Ice Candy" option to "No".

Rating 0

Easy floors hints

-Create a copy of the game file "tower.cfg" into the game folder and rename the file to "debug.me". After that, press UP during game play and you will go UP.

-Note: For v1.3.1, create a copy of the game file"tower.cfg" into the game folder and rename it to "debug.me". Once done, create a new file named "lets.go.txt". Edit that text file and once opened press ENTER once, save the file, then rename it to "lets.go". Create a new text document named "fun.mode.on.txt". Edit that file. Once opened, press ENTER once, save the file, then rename it to "fun.mode.on". Press UP during game play to go UP.

Rating 0

Move slower

Press F1 while running to move slower.

Rating 0

Stop time

Press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and hold SPACE at the game options screen. Start the game and the clock will no longer be moving.