Ikariam PC Cheats

Rating 2

Recommended start

After signing up for an account, you should do three things. After building an Academy, divide your staff evenly between cutting lumber, making money, and researching. Next, log off your account and return a few weeks later. You will have an incredible amount of money and resources, and will be extremely advanced. This method is much better than playing the game. Because it is based in real time, there is only a very small amount you can do in the first week. This way you will come back to find you are very advanced, and only then is the game worth playing.

Rating 2

Free supplies

Log into your Ikariam account and make sure your warehouse is upgraded to a good level (for example level 4 or 5). Change the date on your system. Presuming your warehouse can hold the sufficient amount, your supplies will increase. Note: Avoid trying this if you have an active building queue; your supplies will just reset. Before you change your system date back to normal, close the Ikariam account or else your supplies will go to zero or minus.

Rating 1

Faster research hints

-Build a level 2 or higher academy and enter the academy. Look at the progress of the current research and not how much time is remaining. Drag the "assign workers" meter to the maximum number of scientists and confirm your choice. Once done, compare how much time is now remaining from the last time you checked. You can drag the meter back to get more gold as desired, but you can also get research whenever you want.

-Go to the academy and click "Change" on "Field Of Research". Click on a different subject from the one you already have. Before it loads, click on a different one. One or two researches should be completed. Note: This works only once a day, but may not work on some days.You will be placed on the world map if the trick does not work. Check the "Research" tab to see the results.

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Complete two researches in a day

Go to your academy and press "Change Field". Choose the field you want to upgrade and at the final moment click another one. Your scientist will flash and it will say "You have researched <name> and <name>". This works only once a day.

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Faster building

Upgrade or build something that requires waiting. Click the current time in the Windows taskbar. After checking how much time is needed for building, remove that amount of time from the system time. Your building should be completed. You can repeat this trick or set the time to the correct value.