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Imperium Romanum PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during gameplay. Note: When using them in Imperivm Civitas 2 remove the ch prefix from the codes (for example, enter "win" instead of "chwin"):

Next ten buildings are free and instant - chfreebuild
Fires never occur - chnofire
Plagues never occur - chnoplague
Riots never occur - chnoriots
1,000 of everything - chgivemeall
Start fire - chstartfire
Stop fire - chstopfire
Start plague - chstartplague
Cure everyone - chcureall
Food not produced - chnofood
Materials not produced - chnomaterials
Win scenario - chwin
History Timeline unlocked - challhistory
Barbarians will not attack - chnobarbarian
Start barbarian attack - chstartbarbarian
Stop barbarian attack - chstopbarbarian
No crime in town - chnocrime
Starts riot - chstartriot
Stop riot - chstopriot
Morale not produced - chnomorale
Unknown - chtimemaste

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