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Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes, then press ENTER to activate the corresponding cheat. A henchman will say "Somebody's cheating" to confirm correct code entry. Press ~ to resume game play:

More Coal - cheat_coal()
More Electricity - cheat_electricity()
All buildings - cheat_buildings
Higher rank - cheat_rank
Suicide - cheat_killself

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Powerful creatures

-To make a strong creature, combine a small animal, such as the lobster, with a big animal, such as the sperm whale.

-The strongest creature in the game is the sperm whale combined with a wolverine, with all the wolvering parts except the tail (which should be the whale's).

-The following are some of the best creatures to combine:

Sperm Whale + Wolverine
Sperm Whale + Gorilla
Sperm Whale + Dragonfly
Sperm Whale + Bull
Sperm Whale + Tiger
Sperm Whale + Elephant
Crocodile + Gorilla
Crocodile + Dragonfly

-The following creatures have the most melee damage:

Air: Dragonfly/Great White Shark with the Shark's head, torso and tail, and the front and back legs and wings of the Dragonfly.
Amphibious: Scorpion/Great White Shark with front and back legs, tail and claws of the Scorpion, and the torso and head of the Shark.

For the strongest melee damage in air combine the Moose and the Dragonfly. This does least 2 to 4 more points of damage than the Sperm Whale/Dragonfly combo (Moose head, Dragonfly Torso and Front Legs).

-Go into "Army Builder" at the main menu and make the following creatures.

Piranha + Grizzly Bear: "The Claw"
Piranha: Head, tail
Grizzly Bear: Front legs, back legs, torso

Spitting Cobra + Tiger: "Viper"
Spitting Cobra: Head. Tail
Tiger: Front legs, back legs, torso

Elephant + Snow Owl: "Snowflake" or "Snowball"

Elephant: Front legs, head, torso
Snow Owl: Wings, back legs, tail

Lemming + Killer Whale: "Leonardo"
Lemming: Head, front legs, back legs
Killer Whale: Torso, tail

Hippo + Great White Shark: "The Water King"
Hippo: Torso, front legs, back legs
Great White Shark: Head, tail,

Killer Whale + Praying Mantis: "King of Creatures"
Praying Mantis: Torso, all legs, claws
Killer Whale: Head, tail

Poison Frog + Polar Bear: " Penny"
Polar Bear: Head, torso, front legs
Poison Frog: Back legs

Rhinoceros + Gorilla: "Princess"
Rhinoceros: Head
Gorilla: Torso, front legs, back legs

Elephant + Scorpion: "Mike"
Scorpion: Torso, all legs, stinger, claws
Elephant: Head

-The best combinations are as follows:

Most Melee Damage (42 dmg): Dragonfly/Sperm Whale. Parts Needed: Dragonfly front legs and head
Most Range Damage (23 dmg): Chameleon/Sperm Whale. Parts Needed: Chameleon head
Most Health (1522 hp): Wolverine/Sperm Whale. Parts Needed: Wolverine head, torso, front legs, back legs
Most Defense (90 df): Snapping Turtle/Anything. Parts Needed: Snapping Turtle head, torso, front legs, back legs
Most Land Speed (44 km/h): Cheetah/Raven. Parts Needed: Cheetah torso, front legs, back legs (don't use Raven wings)
Most Air Speed (35 km/h): Raven/Scorpion. Parts Needed: Raven torso, wings
Most Water Speed (38 km/h): Killer Whale/Anything except Sperm Whale. Parts Needed: Killer Whale torso, tail
Most Sight Radius (45 m): Giraffe/Anything. Parts Needed: Giraffe head
Most Size (10/10): Sperm Whale/Anything. Parts Needed: Anything

-To create a large and powerful creature, mix a Wolverine with the largest animal in the game, a Sperm Whale.

-The strongest melee creature is the sperm whale combined with the dragonfly, with the dragonfly head, hind and front legs, and wings.

-If you have the "Insect Invasion Module", the most powerful animal you can create is a combination of the Behemoth and the Gorilla. For best results, use the Gorilla's arms and legs with the Behemoth's middle section, middle leg, and head. This beast is incredibly strong but slow, especially on maps with swamp terrain. A solution to this is to use the Behemoth's jumping ability to fly over the swamp or use a Genetic Amplifier to upgrade the creature's speed.

-Two great animal combinations are the Lobster and Polar Bear; and the Chameleon and Hippo.

-With the Insect Invasion mod, a good range/health creature is a combination of the Bombardier Beetle and the Sperm Whale. Use the beetle's body and tail, and the whale's head.

-To create a dragon that you can use in human vs. CPU, go to Army Builder and choose a Bat and a Spitting Cobra. Give the creature the Cobra's tail and head and give it the Bat's wings. It looks exactly like a dragon.

-An excellent creature is a Dragon Fly with a Mountain Lion. Though it may be small and weak, it can still be a good unit. The parts needed are Dragonfly head, Dragonfly front legs, Mountain Lion back legs, no wings, and the tail does not matter. If you have a good coal amount you can produce many of these creatures. They have low electricity and an average coal rating. If you have several creature chambers you can create fourteen in about thirty seconds. They have quite a short build time. They have a low health rating but have a high defense rating. With a lot of them you can storm the opponent with 28 creatures at a time.

-A great creature is a Bull Frog. It is a level 4 creature. It is a Bull with the Poison Frog. It has health in the 200s and when upgraded it has a range attack of 13 and health of 364. It has a coal cost of around 200 and electricity cost at 90. If you can storm your opponent with these units they can overcome almost anything. You need is Bull legs, Frog body, Frog head and tail. It might have low melee but it has Poison Touch. By the time your opponent's creatures reach this creature, they will have low health because of the strong range attack. Then the Bull Frog will finishes it off with Poison Touch.

-An excellent creature to create is a Wolverine + Eagle. These are cheap and are very strong. They have Frenzy which can give you a large advantage. They work best when you have a large number of them. To make them include:

Eagle: Rear Legs and Wings
Wolverine: Head, Torso, Front Legs

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Largest Range Attacks

Swimming: Electric Eel body on Sperm Whale
Amphibious: Electric Eel head and tail on Woolly Mammoth

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Two gyrocopters

During mission 5 (Trial By Fire) enable the cheat_buildings code and build a gyrocopter before you find the abandoned pilot. When you find the pilot, protect it and it will be yours and the one that you built will still be there. 

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