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Incredible Hulk, The Cheats "Comic Book Locations" (PC)

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Comic Book Locations

-Find the following comic books in the corresponding locations:

Abomination Domination - At the marvel comics office front door.
Betty's Peril - On the top of the flatiron building.
Blonsky... Broken... - At the latverian embassy, head towards central park. At the last building before central Park, turn south. It is on the dome-roof of the highest building.
Bruce and Goliath - At stark tower.
Bye Bye Bi-Beast - At the southern tip of the island, near the docks in a pass through the building.
Enclave's Ultimate Weapon - On the belvedere castle in central park near the lake.
Face of the Monster - At the latverian embassy.
Fired From the Sky - On the roof of nelson and murdock, attorneys at law.
Just a Hop Skip and a Jump - On roof of the world financial center.
The Flop-Tastic Four - On the baxter building.
Sonic Assault - Two blocks west of one world plaza, two blocks north of the reuters building. It is located on a ledge at the middle of a building.
Talbot the Madman - At the daily bugle.
The Lesser of Two Evils - On a fountain near the flatiron building.
This is Only a Test... - At the top right corner of Central Park, go up one square which will put you on top of a building. Go to the building on the right. It is located at the lower roof at the top left.
Turrett Syndrome - In the central park subway terminal.

-In order to unlock the following comic books, you must beat the corresponding missions:

1. Face Of The Monster - He Must Not Escape mission
2. Bruce And Goliath - The Enclave And Rick Jones mission
3. The Flop-tastic Four - A Friend Who Can Help mission
4. Sonic Assault - Just Take Him Down mission
5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast - A Mass Mind Control Device mission
6. Talbot The Madman - This Guy's Bad News mission
7. Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump - Destruction In A Single Bound mission
8. Blonsky... Broken... - Our Old Research Data mission
9. Turret Syndrome - The Problem Is The Hulk - Part 2 mission
10. Fire From The Sky - The Problem Is The Hulk - Part 3 mission
11. The Lesser Of Two Evils - The Lesser Of Two Evils - Part 2 mission
12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon - The Lesser Of Two Evils - Part 3 mission
13. This Is Only A Test... - We Can Use Their Tech - Part 2 mission
14. Betty's Peril - It's Time To End This - Part 2 mission
15. Abomination Domination - We've Got The Antidote mission

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