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IndyCar Series Cheats "Recommended Masterclass settings" (PC)


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Recommended Masterclass settings

Apply these settings to complete the "Maximizing Performance" Level of the Masterclass and always sit on the pole for the Indy 500. Go to the Garage and change to the following:

Wing Angles: 2 degree front, -4 degree rear
Ride Height: 2.7 front, 2.3 rear
Tire Pressures: 32 FL, 42 FR, 43 RL, 48 RR
Camber: 0.0 FL, -0.4 FR, -0.4 RL, -0.5 RR
Shocks: 70% front, 80% rear
Dampers: 53% all the way around
Gears (top speed in mph): 1st 100, 2nd 141, 3rd 220, 4th 232, 5th 241, 6th 243.

Once done, change the full mixture to full rich out on the track and have no more than ten laps of fuel in the car before pulling out of pit lane. If you find the right racing line, you will be flat out in 6th all the way around. Just do not hit the wall.

2 years ago

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