Interactive Buddy PC Cheats

Rating 3

All items


Rating 2

"Fist" item

Set all the graphics settings on high and place a gravity shifter in the middle of the screen. Put as many grenades as you can around it. Next, fire missiles at it rapidly. The trick is to cause as much lag as possible. If the game freezes, wait until a pop-UP box asking you to abort appears. Select "No" the first time, then "Yes" when it appears again. Refresh the page, and your Buddy will be frozen and you will have the "fist" equipped. Note: This can break the game, forcing you to clear your file and start again.

Rating 1

Unlimited money

Get $400 and purchase the scripting engine. Then, enter the following: gx+random and press Run once. Your cash should read NaN.NaN. Note: Do not tick run every frame or the game will crash.

Rating 1

Vortex still working

With the strong gravity vortex, pick UP your buddy and move him to the outside. Take your mouse outside the box of the game. When you bring your mouse back into the box, the vortex will still be working as if you were still holding the mouse in.

Rating 1

Unlimited grenades on screen

Open UP the scripting engine and go to the "ex-Constraint" example script. Look for where it reads "(create("bowlball",". Replace "bowlball" with "grenade", then click "Run Once" about fifteen times. There will be a greate mound of grenades floating in the air. Note: this glitch works with any item except for the guns, hoses, missiles, etc. (any item that you cannot throw.). You might also want to turn the graphics as low as possible.

Rating 1

+1000 money


Rating 1

40 objects

Go to "Settings" box and click "Physics" to see a Physics Tweek box. Select the number "6". Type "40" and exit from the box. You can then have 40 onscreen objects instead of the normal 6.

Rating 0

Buddy saying

Press SPACE, SPACE, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, SPACE, UP to have Buddy say "Vesti please adopt me. If you do you will get a skin in this game".

Rating 0

Easy money

Choose "Open Hand" and click on your buddy with it so that $ pops out. RIGHT click. A menu from Flashplayer will open with a list of options. Ignore it and click somewhere other than the flash box. Your buddy will still be gushing out cash as if your mouse pointer were still there. You can go on to do whatever else you need to do.

Rating 0

Explode Molotov cocktail in the air

Purchase Molotov cocktails and select them. While the point is in the air, double-click and the cocktail will just explode. Keep double-clicking and tons of random explosions will happen, with pieces of burning glass falling from the sky.