Interstate 76 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Screen shake - Hold CTRL + SHIFT and type wiggleburger.
Larger radar perimeter - Hold CTRL + SHIFT and type thirdnostril.
Poem from Taurus - Hold CTRL + SHIFT and type freelance. Alternately, just press C.
Suicide - Press CTRL + ALT + X to destroy your vehicle.
Fly helicopter - Enter retpocileh as a name and select the Phaedra Rattler.
Drive tank - Enter knat as a name and select the Phaedra Rattler.

Rating 1

Fly helicopter over last level

Click on the helicopter in the top left corner of the vehicle selection screen for the final level.

Rating 1

Practice driving any car

Choose instant melee mode and set no enemies on. You can then practice driving every car.

Rating 1

Mission skip

- In trip mode, hold CTRL + SHIFT and type getdown. Taurus will say "get down" to confirm correct code entry. All cars will attack. The current mission will be flagged as completed after you are destroyed.

-The best way to skip a mission is to hold CTRL + SHIFT and type getdown. After that, hold CTRL + ALT and press X. Although you committed suicide, you still move on to the next mission.

Rating 1

Level 11

After crossing the bridge, the helis will come to give your position and the mortar rockets will start to hit your car. To avoid this, when near the bridge, stop and go very slow so you can get the turret gun in front of you out. Once done, you will see the chopper, but no rockets. You can blow it up and move undamaged. Make sure to have a TRT (turret) machine gun full repaired to make killing the choppers easier. Recommended equipment are the 50mm machine gun turret, or a 7.62 mm machine gun turret and nitrous oxide (use wisely).

Rating 1

View development team

Look in back when driving the school bus to view the development team.

Rating 0

Safe falls

Press F12 twice when your car is about to hit the ground to flip screen resolutions. Your car will survive the normally fatal impact.

Rating 0

Level 16

Once you defend the van, you must kill the chopper. Keep moving. When you have the other two cars in your radar, take the right side of the road and use the hill so you can pass them unharmed.