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Iron Grip: Warlord PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

A Feast for Crows - Kill 1000 infantry units without dying.
A Wound for Every Bullet - Empty an entire HMG magazine without missing a single shot.
Assassin - Frag the Officer 5 times.
Can’t Keep a Good Stronghold Down - Rebuild the stronghold.
Champion - Achieve the top score in an 8 player round.
Conquerer - Achieve the highest score on all stats in an 8 player round without dying once.
Decimation - Kill 100 infantry units without dying.
Diligent Medic - Heal 5 teammates.
Everything Under the Sun - Purchase every available weapon and upgrade.
Fear the Reaper - Earn 5000 power from civilian casualties.
For the Greater Good - Earn 3000 power from civilian casualties.
Have Gun, Will Travel - Purchase every available weapon.
Impregnable Defense - Win the game without taking any stronghold damage.
Looter - Collect jewelry worth 2000 points.
Lord of War - Purchase every available weapon and upgrade, and get a kill with each.
Murder Death Kill - Kill 500 infantry units without dying.
No ‘Modern Warrior’ - Take out 10 enemies with the knife.
Overachiever - Achieve the highest score on all stats in an 8 player round.
Power from the People - Earn 1000 power from civilian casualties.
The Bigger They Come... - Take down 20 Vehicles.

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