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Italian Job, The Cheats "Gold Mini Cooper on Turin" (PC)


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Gold Mini Cooper on Turin

There is an underground parking garage with cones formed into a track. There is also a timer counting down from 43 seconds. Hit all the cones within the 43 seconds and a man will walk to your car. After he tells you about the pizza place, go there and do what the man there tells you. The Gold Mini Cooper will be at the mansion if you were successful. The Gold Mini is invulnerable to damage. Also, when in it, the police will not come after you unless you attack them. Note: The best car to start out with is the cop car. In one of the pizza deliveries, you will drive past a cop. He will be on to you and you cannot drop off the pizza until you lose the police. This wastes time. With the cop car, this does not happen. You also have a countdown timer when you are delivering the pizzas. It counts down from 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

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