Jazz Jackrabbit PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Hold P + BACKSPACE and type one of the following codes to enable the corresponding cheat:

All weapons, full ammunition - ddgunhed
Invincibility - ddbouf
Toggle high speed and jumping - ddsable
Toggle airboard - ddcstrike
Difficult enemies - dddoom
Quit to DOS - ddken
Bonus level - ddhooker
Kills Jazz - ddmark
Toggle escort bird - ddbad
Level skip - ddlamer
Teleport - ddhocus
System infornation - ddcheck
Display "HAHAHA" - ddarjan
Display "GREETZ" - ddgreetz
Display "AWESOME" - ddtim
16 color mode - ddapogee

Rating 1

Christmas bonus and theme

Set the system date from December 1 to December 31 to unlock the bonus Holidaus levels and a Christmas menu theme.

Rating 0

View ending sequence

Press F10 + F11 + F12 at the level select screen.