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Juiced Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-Earn 600 respect from any CPU character, then call any character on your mobile phone. Race for pink slips with one of your less powerful cars. Once you get there, sell it for extra money. Make sure you have more than one car in case you lose the race.

-On days off, host your own race. Select a sprint and select Class 1 vehicles. You will get a Viper vs. Viper; Viper vs. Corvette Z06; or Corvette vs. Corvette, and only two drivers, Biggi and T.K. If you get the Viper vs. Corvette, put all of your money on the Viper (maximum bet of $500,000). Collect your money, and repeat. You can select other classes, but the lower classes give you mixed car results. Usually, anything modern will beat any muscle car in a sprint. A Skyline will beat a Corvette with up to 25 more horsepower. Biggi is a better driver than T.K. Sue is a better driver than Biggi. T.K. cheats every chance that he gets. You can also use your track to get better parts. Simply schedule a circuit in the class of the car you want parts for, let your crew do the driving, and use all the cash from betting on sprints to hook up your ride.

-Host your own race and pick sprint. Use your own speedway as the track. Select "Watch Race" so that you can bet. T.K. and Biggi will always race against each other. Bet on the car with the higher horsepower. You will win about 98% of the time.

-For extra cash, race for pink slips with CPU characters. After defeating them and winning the car, sell it. Make sure you have more than one car in case you lose.

-When out of cash, sell all or your only car. You will start over with $30,000 as you did before you started the game. Then, host a number of sprints and bet everything you have. No matter what happens, if you lose you will get your money back.

-Note: This trick doesn't work for all cars. When running low on cash, go to the dealership. A few of the cars that are in bad condition (used vehicles in poor condition) can be purchased then repaired in your workshop. They can then be sold for about $2,000 to $5,000 more.

-When you begin with the $30,000 the game gives you, go to host your own event and choose sprint. Select the Class 1 car group. The first few times it will be Bigi vs. T.K. Always bet on the Viper. Repeat this until it starts giving Viper vs. Viper, etc. Switch to Class 4 and it will usually be Lancer vs. Camaro, Mustang etc. Always bet on the Lancer or newer car. Repeat this until the same cars appear. Go back to Class 1. It should now be Viper vs. Corvette again. Bet on the Viper. If it continuously gives you the same cars, do a couple races or save and restart your system.

-In Career mode, go to the calendar and choose  an empty date. This will make you host an event. Set the bhp of the cars to the top and make the make of car Dodge. You should get a Viper against a Charger. If this happens, put all of your money on the Viper. It will win and you will win the bet.

-Race and earn some money, then host sprint races at your won track. Have Class 1 racing, and bet all your money on the Viper. If there are two of the same car, bet on the blue one.

-This is best done toward the start of a new game or profile. Start a new race on a blank day on the calendar. Make the race a Sprint and make it Class One Vehicles. The cost for this will be $1,000. There will normally be two racers at the betting screen and they will have either a Viper GTS or a Corvette. Bet on the Viper GTS. It is important that those two cars are in the race. If you get two of the same car, abandon the race and do not bet. The reason for this is that the Viper GTS has 993 bhp (the highest one in this mode), and the Corvette has 907 bhp. It takes some time and is not recommended for someone with too little money.

-Purchase a Punto as soon as possible and fit it with the best mods you can. Make sure it is still in group 8. On every free day, host a Sprint Race and bet the maximum amount. The Punto is almost unbeatable in sprints, giving you a guarantee to win almost every race. When possible, host races on other people's turf bsince the money is much better.

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