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Just Cause 2 Cheats "Coordinate locations" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Coordinate locations

Find the followint points of interest by exploring the corresponding coordinates:


Happy Bubble Blaster gun - X4249 Y25990
Collectibles, two rare vehicles, gas pumps - X8033 Y28372
SAMs, fuel supplies, windmills - X8268 Y26679
Upgrade at mansion porch - X20172 Y27689
Upgrades at the top of the four smaller towers and the main larger tower - X2297 Y2212
Upgrades near runway and lighthouse - X17313 Y25610

Propeller driver fake shark fin at lake - X12730 Y22494
I Am Legend reference with chair and desk at the end of pier - X18207 Y21543
Mountain sculpture with three large faces - X30377 Y30638
Racetrack with sports cars - X9170 Y11413
Large satellite dish  - X23440 Y17420
Cape Carnival Rocket base - X30172 Y14068
Gambler's Den - X8646 Y23133
Grounded Mile High strip club - X27272 Y9999
Karl Blaine's House - X17276 Y14343
Three Kings Hotel - X3709 Y31482
Panau Casino - X18565 Y17755
Panau International Airport - X9748 Y12798
Panau Capital City - X3741 Y15786
Snow Peak base jump - X20546 Y11828
Desert Peak base jump - X8082 Y28454
Tropical Peak base jump - X29197 Y28065
Ski Resort - X24574 Y14786
Roaches HQ - X12063 Y11326
Reapers HQ - X17604 Y12909
Ular Boys HQ - X17166 Y17225
Gas station - X17677 Y26023
Gas station, two upgrades - X7041 Y23175
G9 Eclipse jet fighter - X22163 Y23265
G9 Eclipse jet fighter - X11699 Y5106
Si-47 Leopard jet fighter - X17141 Y12369
Large military jet transport - X22163 Y23265
Aeroliner 474 passenger jet - X9748 Y12798

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