Just Cause PC Cheats

Rating 4

Grapple hook

To unlock the grapple hook, take over around three territories after Level 2.

Rating 3

Agency jeep

After killing the man on the boat and completing the mission, you will get the agency jeep.

Rating 2


When you get your grapple hook fire it at a passing or attacking helicopter, then simply reel yourself in.

Rating 1

Bald Eagle Persuader boat

There is a boat called the Bald Eagle Persuader that highly resembles the Gungan submarine in Star Wars: Episode 1. It randomly appears at the mansion near a safehouse in about one out of every ten visits.

Rating 0

Hidden briefing

Complete the game andtart a new game, but do not save. Instead, load your normal profile to see a briefing on your Extraction list.

Rating 0

Taking over sites

Use your heavy drop in your PDA when taking over Guerrilla and Rioja sites. Choose the truck and just start shooting your way through the entire thing until you have to take the flag at a Guerrilla site or kill the head honcho at a Rioja site.