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King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press CTRL + SHIFT + 1 to display the console window., then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:. Note: Press F1 while the console is displayed to list all commands. Press F3 to step back to the last command:
Add experience points for the hero AddXP
Add experience points to units of the given army AddUnitXP4Army
Add or remove an artifact to or from indicated hero1 Artifact
Add victory points to the player GiveVP
Complete active quest with no rewards; may cause game to be impossible to complete FinishActiveQuest
Disable all archery damage DisableArcheryDamage
Display speed of indicated unit in battle; player 0 is the human player GetSpeed
Display three strength value of the given unit GetStrength
Drop connection or force reconnection in multi-player mode net
Enable archery damage EnableArcheryDamage
Force contract of a passthrough statement between the player and the given ruler ContractPassthroughStatement
Give HP or mana to the given unit in battle GivePoints
Give a skill to the hero AddSkill
Give artifact to the hero GiveArtifact
Give brides to the player GiveLady
Give faith to the player GiveFaith
Give money to the ruler GiveMoney
Give some food to the player GiveFood
Give virtue to the player GiveVirtue
Given ruler declares war against the player DeclareWarToHuman
Indicated player wins the battle WinBattle 1. The hero name must be preceded by the letters "gp". For example, use "gpBalin" or "gpDamas" as names.
Kill all units of the player in battle KillAll
Send actual camera position to the peer in multi-player mode SendCamera
Sends chat message to the peer in multi-player mode Chat
Set God mode in autobattles AutoBattleGodMode
Set experience points for the hero SetXP
Set speed of indicated unit type SetSpeed
Set victory point threshold to the player GiveVPTreshold
Spawn new unit into the army of the given hero GiveArmyUnit
Spawns a quest to the given hexafield at Strategy map SpawnQuest

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