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King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition, The PC Cheats

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Character List

Elisabeth Team
1. Elisabeth Blanctorche
2. Shen Woo
3. Duo Lon

Japan Team
4. Kyo Kusanagi
5. Benimaru Nikaido
6. Goro Daimon

Yagami Team
7. Iori Yagami
8. Mature
9. Vice

Fatal Fury Team
10. Terry Bogard
11. Andy Bogard
12. Joe Higashi

Kim Team
13. Kim Kaphwan
14. Hwa Jai
15. Raiden

Psycho Soldier Team
16. Athena Asamiya
17. Sie Kensou
18. Chin Gentsai

Art of Fighting Team
19. Ryo Sakazaki
20. Robert Garcia
21. Takuma Sakazaki

Ikari Warriors Team
22. Ralf Jones
23. Clark Still
24. Leona Heidern

Women Fighters Team
25. Mai Shiranui
26. Yuri Sakazaki
27. King

K’ Team
28. K’
29. Kula Diamond
30. Maxima

Single entry
31. Ash Crimson

32. Saiki

Final Boss
33. Evil Ash

Console Exclusive Characters
34. Billy Kane
35. Saiki (Normal form)

DLC Characters
36. Iori with Flames version

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After all, you're just trash. Get an SS at the victory screen
And the final blow...! Get 50 NEO MAX Super Special Moves Finishes (Arcade, Versus)
Come back later! Perform 50 Drive Cancels (Arcade, Versus)
Do you understand now? Complete STORY.
Doesn't it feel good? Win 25 [ranked matches / player matches]
Excellent! Win 100 [ranked matches / player matches]
Go easy on me! Play your first [ranked match / player match]
Good! Play 50 [ranked matches / player matches]
Great Be challenged by "Saiki" and win in ARCADE
Hehe... hot, wasn't it? Play 100 [ranked matches / player matches]
Heheh. Not bad. Perform 50 MAX Cancels (Arcade, Versus)
Here I come, buddy! Create 10 characters in Customize
Hey! Hit 100 times using NEO MAX Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)
Hey, hey, hey! Be challenged by "Billy" and win in ARCADE
Hmph... this is only natural. Get 10 straight wins (Arcade, Versus)
How was it? Clear ARCADE MODE without continuing
I shall not waver! Play 300 [ranked matches / player matches]
I will execute my mission! Defeat 3 characters in Survival mode
I'm enough for this job! Defeat 35 characters in Survival mode
Isn't this fun, eh? Win 50 [ranked matches / player matches]
It's about time to start! Register an icon, team and message in Customize
Let's play warrior! Create 10 rooms
Let's see what you've got... Clear STORY.
Looks like I was just on time. Clear Time Attack mode for the first time
Mission Complete! Perform 50 Super Cancels (Arcade, Versus)
Number 1! Get 5 consecutive wins in a ranked match
Okay! Get 2 consecutive wins in a ranked match
Piece of cake! Perform 50 HD Cancels (Arcade, Versus)
Play time is over! Perform 50 Super Special Moves Finishes (Arcade, Versus)
Show me what humans are made of Perform 10 Target Actions (Arcade)
Spinning! Hit 100 times using EX Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)
Strength! Hit 100 times using Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)
That should do it! Complete all trials for 1 character in Trial mode
This is... my victory! Clear ARCADE MODE on VERY HARD
This was just a greeting! Win 5 [ranked matches / player matches]
Time will soon turn to ashes... Get an S at the victory screen
What's wrong? Perform 300 Target Actions (Arcade)
Yahoooo! Hit 100 times using Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)
Yay! Perfect! Perform 10 Perfect Victories (Arcade, Versus)
Yeah! Win your first [ranked match / player match]
Yeah! I did it! Get 10 consecutive wins in a ranked match
Yeeeeaaah! Hit 100 times using EX Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)
Yes! I'm the best! Clear 200 trials in Trial mode
You can't compare to me. Clear Time Attack mode with 30 characters
You can't win against me! Be challenged by "Ash" and win in ARCADE
You're not so bad! Complete the tutorial 

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