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King's Quest: Mask Of Eternity Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press LEFT CTRL + LEFT SHIFT + 7 during game play. A console window will appear. Type one of the following codes at the password prompt, then press LEFT CTRL + LEFT SHIFT + 7 again to close the console:

Connor moves short distance through walls - bump
Disable God mode - ungod
Disable no clipping - concollide
Gain indicated number of items - give <item name> <number>
God mode1 - god
Instant return from death - set KQConner::reincarnate True
No clipping - noconcollide
Place Connor at any map location2 - teleport
Connor runs at all times - run
Programmer Easter egg3 - ruth
Programmer Easter egg - welch-piel
Programmer Easter egg - oscar
Programmer Easter egg - rocket
Programmer Easter egg - jeffo
Programmer Easter egg - leslie
Programmer Easter egg - adam
Crashes game - debug
Code list appears in the machine type - alias
Go to wizard that gives you the map (level 1) - wizard
Go to water wheel at old mill (level 1) - wheel
Return to the starting location with your girlfriend (level 1) - start
Minimized screen - set allowaltenter True
First person view - setfirstperson
Third person view - setthirdperson
Unknown - exist
Unknown - listactive
Unknown - handsoff
Unknown - show
Unknown - lookup
Unknown - mask
Unknown - testcast

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