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Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns PC Cheats

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Custom company

Note: This code requires the v1.2.0 patch. Press ENTER during game play, then type conjure .

2 years ago

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Cheat Codes

Press ENTER during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

+10 for all products - hoody hoo
Cataclysm - unpleasant dreams
Fast construction - speed it up
Maximum gold - free gold
Win current mission - yeahbam
Full map - show fog
500 gold - free gold
All units available regardless of race of city [NOTE 1] - there is no spoon
Restore company's morale - feeling fine
Dragon protects indicated location - samurai dragon
Toggle grid - show grid
Toggle control zones - show control
Toggle supply zones - show supply
Toggle guard zones - show guard
Toggle population zones - show population
Toggle combat damage - show damage
Toggle blocked tiles - show blocked
Toggle tile numbers - show tilenums
Toggle tile terrain types - show types
Toggle health bars - show health
Toggle detection zones - show detection
Toggle SAI regions - show sairegions
Toggle SAI debug - show saidebug
Toggle Fog - show fog
End cataclysm - i repent
500 gold - gimmie five
+10 to gold, stone, iron, mana, wood - mass production
Create as many units as desired - overpopulation
Increase company limit - griff shadow
Extra men - faction free
Unknown - time flies
Unknown - good to go
Unknown - the end is near
Unknown - endgame
Unknown - allready

NOTE 1: This codes allows you to make a commission from any faction. For example, when you are in royalist village, you can make a group of beast riders.

2 years ago

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