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Left 4 Dead Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Cheat Codes

To activate the following cheats, go to "Main Menu" > "Options" > "Keyboard/Mouse". Enable the "Allow Developers Console" option. While playing the game, press ~ to bring up the console window. Type "Sv_Cheats 1" and press to enable cheat mode for everyone on your hosted server. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes and pressing ENTER:
Toggle invincibility god [0 or 1]
Full health for your character give health
Receive damage, but will cannot die    buddha
All weapons and ammunition impulse 10
Toggle infinite ammunition sv_infinite_ammo [0 or 1]
Toggle no clipping mode noclip
Spawn indicated item    give [item name]
Spawn indicated item for NPCs ent_create weapon_[item name]
Spawn indicated NPC type z_spawn [NPC name]
Spawn active pipebomb under you boom
Spawn lit Molotov cocktail under you fire
Remove a teammate; repeat for more ent_remove
Infected cannot see you nb_blind 1
Teleports all survivors to your position warp_all_survivors_here
Teleports all survivors to the nearest checkpoint warp_all_survivors_to_checkpoint
Teleports all survivors to the finale warp_all_survivors_to_finale
Teleport yourself to the next chapter warp_to_start_area
Quick change map    changelevel [map name]
Be spectator ent_fire !self setteam 1
Be survivor ent_fire !self setteam 2
Be infected ent_fire !self setteam 3
Set number of normal zombies z_common_limit [number]
Set number of panic zombies z_mega_mob_size [number]
Set zombie health z_health [number]
Set zombie speed z_speed [number]
Set maximum range of Smoker's tongue attack; default is 750 tongue_range [number]
Set time before a burning Witch dies from fire z_witch_burn_time
Set amount of damage Witch's attack does z_witch_damage [number]
Toggle allowing witch to change targets instead z_witch_allow_change_victim [0 or 1]
Set maximum health of Tank z_tank_health [number]
Set number of seconds until the player loses control of Tank from not attacking survivors z_frustration_lifetime [number]
Toggle if bots can do friendly fire damage sb_friendlyfire [0 or 1]
Disable all wanderers, mobs, specials, and Bosses director_stop
Force a panic director_force_panic_infinite 1
Force a panic event director_force_panic
Toggle never ending panics director_panic_forever [0 or 1]
Toggle mob rushes director_no_mobs [0 or 1]
Toggle controllable Boss Infected director_no_human_zombies [0 or 1]
Set camera behind the shoulder in third person view thirdpersonshoulder
Toggle set fixed camera in third person or third person shoulder view thirdperson_mayamode
Third person view thirdperson
Return to first person view firstperson
Enable Internet LAN; enable while in "Campaign Lobby" screen sv_lan 0
Start LAN server; enable while in "Campaign Lobby" screen map [map name]
Display available servers openserverbrowser
Restart game with cheats active; allows achievements to be earned with cheats retry
Commit suicide kill
Quit game quit

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